Litsea glaucescens Kunth is a native plant from Central America and Mexico, mainly distributed in the states of Chiapas Nayarit and Veracruz. Thirty-one compounds are identified in the essential oil of Mexican bay (Litsea glaucescens scens), which is dominated by ± % 1,8-cineole, . Thirty-one compounds are identified in the essential oil of Mexican bay (Litsea glaucescens var. glaucescens), which is dominated by ± % 1.

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Antibacterial activity of L. Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded. The cell line M This study shows the seasonal effect on the antioxidant, antiproliferative, and antimicrobial activities glaucexcens L.

IC 50 values were calculated using nonlinear regression analysis in Microsoft Excel software.

Litsea glaucescens Images – Useful Tropical Plants

Control bacterial cultures were incubated with DMSO 0. The regression coefficients of the linear correlations for each series are presented in Figure 3. Antimicrobial litsew was evaluated against Glaucesecns aureus and Escherichia coli using a microdilution method.

View at Google Scholar K. Caffeic acid phenethyl ester CAPE was used as a positive control in the antiproliferative assay. Total Phenolic Content Total phenolic concentration was determined with Folin-Ciocalteu reagent, according to the method described by Velazquez et al. The species is one of the most important non-wood trees of Mexico. Results obtained through the DPPH method showed variations among the seasonal extracts.

Concentration of major phenolic compounds identified in L. Subscribe to Table of Contents Alerts. Please help glaucewcens improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Cell proliferation was evaluated through the MTT assay [ 28 ] modified by Hernandez et al. Its leaves have been traditionally used as food seasoning, as well as remedy in folk medicine against central nervous glaucescenns illness, depression, colic, pain, vomit, and diarrhea [ 21 ].


In addition, these facts determine also the redox potential lirsea therefore the antioxidant activity of phenolic compounds [ 48 ]. As can be observed in Table 3HeLa was the more sensitive cell line to the L. On the other hand, phenolic compounds are associated with a wide range of biological activities.

DMSO did not exceed 0. On the other hand, previous studies have reported that phenolic compounds exhibit different mode of actions against cancerous cell lines, for example, the induction of apoptosis, the cell cycle arrest, and the prevention of carcinogen metabolic activation with the subsequent cell death [ 5556 ]. In the same way, Ndi et al.

Although the evaluated samples have other phenolic constituents not identified in this work, it is possible that epicatechin and quercitrin could play an important role in the high antioxidant activity of ALGE and SULGE, since different studies have demonstrated that both phenolics are considered among the most antioxidant phenolic compounds [ 4546 ] and that capacity has been attributed to the catechol and chromane moieties that they have Figure 4.

In this regard, Borges et al. Seeds are not available for the Mexican Bay.

Litsea glaucescens

In contrast, no antimicrobial activity of any of the four extracts was observed against E. The fact that S.

However, the content of bioactive compounds depends on biotic and abiotic factors such as the presence of microorganisms and competitor species around the plant, temperature, light intensity, UV radiation, humidity, water, minerals, and environmental contamination [ 1516 ].


View at Google Scholar V. To receive news and publication updates for Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, enter your email address in the box below. A fairly uncommon shrubby tree best known for its use as a culinary spice. Antibacterial Assay Antibacterial activity of extracts was evaluated by the modified microdilution broth method [ 24 ]. View at Google Scholar M. Additionally, the four extracts exhibited glaycescens interesting ability to act as preventive and chain-breaking antioxidants with activity against biological and synthetic radicals.

Growth-inhibitory activity of L. F6, and ARPE cell lines. Glauvescens alternate, petioles 6—11 millimetres 0. On the other hand, the antibacterial activity of L.

According to those studies, the Gram-positive bacteria would have lesser resistance to antimicrobial treatments. AAPH reagent was used as peroxyl radical generator and fluorescein as the fluorescent indicator.

Litsea glaucescensalso called Mexican bay leaf[2] is an evergreen tree or shrub 3—6 metres 9. Growing Environment Grows well in full or filtered sun.

These facts suggest that they have the potential to stabilize biological radicals and to inhibit the generation glaucescen reactive oxygen species, which could contribute to reducing the oxidative stress caused by them and therefore to avoiding the DNA damage.

F6 murine B-cell lymphoma was provided by Dr.

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