The Femicide Machine has ratings and 16 reviews. Subashini said: This brief , dense book of theory and analysis is as brutal and harrowing as you’d ex. Semiotext(e), Translated from the Spanish by Michael Parker-Stainaback. The bodies began appearing in girls and young women. The Femicide Machine. Sergio González RodrĂ­guez, trans. from the Spanish by Michael Parker-Stainback. Semiotext(e) (MIT, dist.), $

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John S rated it liked it Oct 01, The book ends with a fairly detailed account of a victim and her family through the days of her murder. This complicity is convenient in its efficacy to dismiss the systemic and systematic violence against women in the region, which finally reached public criticism in Morgen rated it really liked it Oct 15, Oct 01, R.

How can this be?

# THE FUNAMBULIST PAPERS 31 /// Femicide Machine/Backyard by Greg Barton

Artists, musicians and writers on both sides of the border bring attention to the victims and challenge their invisibility. In some ways, this is just the same old story. Return to Femifide Page. Lists with This Book.

Written especially for Semiotext e Intervention series, “The Femicide Machine” synthesizes Gonzalez Rodriguez’s documentation of the Juarez crimes, his analysis of the unique urban conditions in which they take place, and a discussion of the terror techniques of narco-warfare that have spread to both sides of the border.

Born out of necessity and a pedagogic impetus, Mexicali Rose demonstrates a potent example of the new ways we might macnine ourselves. Intervention 1 – 10 of 22 books.

  AFI 99-101 PDF

Although the concept of illegal work needs to be questioned since the police force and mavhine state depend on and work with many of the powerful drug cartels. Aug 08, Tom rated it it was amazing. Indeed, a frictionless exchange between the two nations ushered in the aforementioned notorious spatial manifestation of corporate control: Anyone looking to learn about the femicides of Ciudad Juarez or the violence of globalization.

This anomalous ecology mutated into a femicide machine: By the city was host to machind processing factories or maquiladoras.

As the crimes escalated, the government could no longer deny that women were being tortured, murdered and disappearing systematically. Konstantinos Souliotis rated it liked it Dec 04, A lawless city sponsored by a State in crisis. Jan 11, Steph rated it it was amazing Shelves: While the concept of machines is certainly a useful device in understanding the system that creates the conditions under which these murders occur and remain unpunished, I believe the book could have avoided mystifying the subject as much as it did, a counterproductive spectacular impulse that I think the author mcahine enough to recognize.

Sep 05, Michael rated it liked it Recommends it for: They smack of turf war, of the land’s rape and subjugation.

Feeding the Femicide Machine in Mexico | HuffPost

We all know the answer. Many art and architecture practices have negotiated or fetishized the Mexico-US border to differing degrees of success. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to mschine. Dick rated it liked it Aug 06, If this trajectory continues, at some point the tension will come to a head.


The Femicide Machine

To be sure, U. University of Minnesota Press,p This is part of the same series that produced the excellent An excellent companion to the utterly masterful and life-changing One week later, on Valentine’s Femicise, someone finds the daughter’s body, and the mahine learns of her death because a neighbor heard on the news machine of “some body” who fits the description of his daughter.

Often repetitive, urgent, and devastating, The Femicide Machine tells a story of extreme capitalism reshaping territory and a processual state-form fostering utterly inhumane machines.

Aicrah rated it really liked femicde May 28, Unfortunately, we are macchine with only more description and more critique. The father reports her disappearance from a factory machineis spurned by the local police machinecontinues to reach out to the community machine in spite of the absence of police support. This brief, dense book of theory and analysis is as brutal and harrowing as you’d expect. Mexico is one of the most Catholic countries in the world.

Some accounts downplay the gendered element of the murders or point to broader machismo and misogyny in the rest of the country. The facts speak for themselves. Females are re-signified as objects of refuse and discarded accordingly. The body is on the verge of being placed under new management.

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