And to the DSI crew: Bob Coover, Carson Day, Chris Hector, Tony Karavidas, . In particular, check out the Global Settings section of the manual. Read. Weight, 1 lbs. Dimensions, 10 x 6 x 1 in. Related Products. Poly Evolver Keyboard PE Knob Kit. $ Add to cart. Poly Evolver Keyboard Knob Kit. $ DSI has released a new operating system for Tempest. It adds The new features are covered in the Tempest Manual Addendum, which is.

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Did you see all the videos above? At this price i expect a relativelely close to flawless product. Pitch Bend not working for the digital oscillators… Description: After that, thats where the well documented problems came in. There is an advanced bug that causes the pad names to randomly change when auditioning sounds; it happens most predictably when you have auditioned a sound from one pad and then try to audition a sound from another pad.

Also, the following bugs are fixed that were not on the petition: Thats why there is so much, literally ,Lame music out there even though there are more possibilities than ever. That said, I do wish they had put more internal storage in the thing.

New Tempest Drum Machine OS Addresses Bugs & User Requests – Synthtopia

It may be that such files were created with beta versions that may contain undiscovered bugs. However, Glide does mankal for the analog oscillators.

We feel that it makes sense for there to be more Sound Types than Sound Folders. Tempest not remembering trmpest folder-of-origin when saving… Description: We are aware of this and will be fixing it. DSI is not doing us any favors by fixing the bugs.


If Roll was on, sequence is playing and Erase is manuao, pressing and releasing a sound pad containing an ADSR sound would cause it to stick on. Fixed for Note Roll but not yet for Beat Roll. It may have been fixed by fixing bug 3 above.

Thats weird cause i think we have reached the point where recording is above the possibilities of human hearing. It would be a shame if not, as the build quality and performance interface are really superb.

The Analog Rytm, korg electribes, op1, mpc, etc. When playing back a recorded sound which has pad pressure assigned as a mod source, the sound is modulated by velocity instead.

New Tempest Drum Machine OS Addresses Bugs & User Requests

I like dsii, I like mine. Now held ADSR sounds—whether playing from beats or played live—should never terminate before release. Tempest does this by stealing the playing voice with the lowest VCA level, but this can result in recorded ADSR sounds with long durations being terminated before their recorded duration ends. How can you make this today when technology is so advanced?

He still has customers and he made promises to them. I recently did an ad spot where I sampled the recorder I played for my third grade tempedt And it was dope.

Or… They should have paid the manuwl batch of owners for beta testing and doing their work for them. I own a pro2. When this happens the available sound folder also changes, not just the pad name: DSI could have cared less.

However, this parameter was never implemented. We have fixed the problem by locking out edits to the Playlist while it is playing, but edits can still be made while not playing.


How you will feel if you buy an expensive car and then spend more time fixing trmpest than driving it. I know next to nothing about Elektron accept it is a Swedish Company, but it seems top me that their releases were either plain simplistic in function or they had bugs also.

See the DSI forum for details. Page 27 of that same 1. Note that this problem does not occur for internal sounds or for beat transitions within a playlist.

They are both great in their own way. The Tempest is god due to the fact that they were the inventors of it I think however. The problem was that sometimes ADSR sounds in Beats would terminate before their full duration expired, or a performed Tenpest sound would terminate before you released the pad.

I agree with most things said here.

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twmpest Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Or to be able to increase the memory from the ridiculous 4MB available… or to improve the sound somehow? There are still issues with loading older projects: I find it amazing. All shine in there own way. I get you can make great tunes with all types of gear. Loved the feel of the pads, the layout was nice as well and it was easy to get a simple pattern going.

This may have been reported when using earlier software versions than 1.

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