Micros offers: PIR sensor DB SENBA – Supply Voltage: 3~15V, operating temp: 30~70°C, Output Signal[V p-p]: >= mV Sensitivity: data sheet. DB Datasheet PDF Download – DB, DB data sheet. pir db datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

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pir db datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

In addition, the sensing distance is quite good and can be up to 3 meters. More than thisthere are few components needed in itscan be either shunt or serial connected. Caution should be observed when using a fan connected to the power lines.

The code is available for viewing in the Commented Code section.

When the operational mode is set to rotate between two people, and an interrupt on pin int0 occurs, this task is signaled to operate. The sensors can be seen in Figure 3.

We recommend that those who work with wood wear safety glasses, act cautiously, and adhere to safety standards. This is because they produce a high voltage spike when the current flow through them suddenly changes. Later this new information will be used by the timer to rotate the motor in the proper direction. When datasbeet motor spun clockwise the pointer reversePtr pointed to the current step and the pointer forwardPtr pointed to the previous step in the sequence.

Our project did not interfere with other designs as far as we know. Upon detection of a human the sensing circuit responds immediately, causing the circuit output to go high. The speed of execution was satisfactory for the most part.

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The passive infrared sensor PIR fitted in this unit detects changes of infrared energyon its mounting position. Two metal strips, one on each side of the fan, were grounded. We spent much of our time attempting to change certain circuit parameters to achieve an optimal circuit performance. Legal Considerations As far as we know there are no legal restrictions on our project. Another strip of metal was mounted on the lazy Susan at the front center of the platform.


The fan is static and needs to be physically redirected to direct air in the desired direction. The platform is mounted on four standoffs. The task begins by reading the value of the push-button, which is active low. The system is very easy to use.

Mainly, the sensor output is high for a very long time, thus delaying the response of the system. As discussed previously, upon detection of movement, the PIR circuit output for each sensor goes high. They can be seen in Figure 1 below.

The chip amplifies the signal from a PIR Pyroelectric Infrared sensor to detect the motion of a human body. Results Speed of Execution The speed of execution was satisfactory for the most part. If the motor was stationary before the task was signaled, this task sets the global variable motorDirection to counter clockwise.

(PDF) D203B Datasheet download

Task 3 When the operational mode is set to rotate between two people, and an interrupt on pin int0 occurs, this task is signaled to operate. To fix this we increased the comparator threshold as well as decreased the feedback resistor on the integrator. Ratasheet the other hand, if the motor was rotating clockwise then the motor is stopped to direct air flow at a person for half a second and then begins rotating counter clockwise toward the second person.


Unfortunately, there were some issues with the sensors that were difficult to handle. Task 2 When the single human tracking setting is on, this task is signaled d203n an external interrupt on pin int1 is detected.

Therefore, for optimal operation, if the person using the fan decides to change location, it is suggested that they wait a few seconds before relocating again to allow the output to settle.

This also allows the fan to track the person again if they were not detected previously. Switching between modes re-initializes all major parameters to their default values and the variable motorDirection is set to stop.

The step sequence rate is controlled via software. The circuit biases the sensor output and integrates it. If the task was signaled at datahseet time that the platform was stationary, or in other words when the variable motorDirection was equal to stop, the task sets the variable motorDirection to clockwise. We used the safest practices possible in the construction of our platform. On the other hand, the task may have been signaled by the sensor on the right while the motor was rotating clockwise.

The circuit is heavily based on the circuit provided in the datasheet for the DB sensor: This task makes sure that the fan can only rotate at an angle of degrees to avoid an unsafe situation such as tangled wires. Unfortunately fans do not have very efficient or useful datashet when dtasheet is desirable to change the direction of air flow.

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