Print edition purchases must be purchased directly from ArtScroll or Each translation page faces Gemara page of the classic Vilna Shas; 9″ x. Print edition purchases must be purchased directly from ArtScroll or Each translation page faces Gemara page of the classic Vilna Shas; 7″ x. 7 Results Published By: ArtScroll Mesorah Publications. Release Date: 12/20/ Format : Hardcover. List Price: $2, Your Price: $2, Discount.

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November 10, I want to remind everyone that there is an elephant in your ArtScroll living room.


Very interesting discussion with many valid points raised. How would leaving out every single thought on a subject, as you suggest, be an issue of dishonesty??? When you consider how Artscroll is SO instrumental in ensuring there is clear understanding of our SACRED books, and how Artscroll has a pivotal place in bringing Judaism to the aartscroll number of those returning in the era just artsxroll Moshiach, and also consider the wonderful, brilliant, Talmidei Chochamim that I know who work for Artscroll, I can only assume the thread was started by someone who is shy about using Artscroll shas since someone who uses a regular, non-translated shas would know the value of Artscroll.

Home Sets Schottenstein Ed. One of the most valuable qualities of Artscroll Shas are the notes which do a lot of research on numerous points on each daf.

But it also is tremendous because it breaks up the words phrase by phrase, so anyone who properly uses the Artscroll can get used to how the Shakla Vetarya goes.


These are 2 parts to it. Perhaps I should burn my Artscroll Gemaras? The goyim have a saying that translators or traitors, which is true in many ways. You are getting in writing what you would get if you were sitting across from them, except they check the sources more carefully at their desks at Artscroll. Try five minutes a day without help and slowly build it up ten twenty minutes and the Siyata Dishmaya will kick in.

You only have the couple of minutes to learn use it efficiently toil in Torah ain hakodosh boruchu mone es hadafim hashem does not count the dafim just the amount of time. Home Schottenstein Talmud Sets. Its a great reference tool, but try to first learn the Gemara on your own and sweat a bit before succumbing and using Artscroll.

Complete 73 volume set. No point sitting around for half an hour wasting time Bitul Torah even breaking your head over a difficult artscrokl that you have never heard of just for the principle of not touching Artscroll. November 13, 7: To do this research even for an accomplished Talmid chacham would take many hours.

November 11, 4: English is Germanic with influences from any and all languages. December 30, 3: Let the Talmud open your eyes to the wonders of the Torah.

At least I hope your not supporting your son in law. When my daughter got engaged, i approached her choson.

November 13, 4: For someone who is learning all day then his effort would have to be go deeper or accomplish more etc… For someone who has no time and comes home beat from work amongst all the daily stresses — his defiition of toil is different. Why would Rashi write a phrase by phrase commentary simplifying the gemara so much?


November 14, 5: Artscrpll ppl could use and know a lot of Torah. Sg Precisely the artscrolll person should not be using AS. Ameilus Batorah is what the Ribono Shel Olam wants from us. Why do you define ameilus as going deep in a gemara and breaking your head? Dont those returning benefit from those who learn in yeshiva? For this reason I learn in a regular Gemara and have an Artscroll on the side.

Home Sets Schottenstein Ed.


They both get you to where you want to go, but artsccroll there and you look back, you have no idea how you got there. Simchas Hatorah and remembering the Torah can only come from your ameilus without any extra help. The gemara is written ratscroll a very specific way, and if somebody uses an Artscroll before he knows how the gemara is written, it will be much harder for him to pick it up than if he spent the same amount of time and covered less ground learning out of a regular gemara.

I prefer learning in a regular gemara rather than the Gemara side artxcroll the Artscroll. ArtScroll Mesorah Publications Published: I never understand why people think it hinders learning how to read Gemara.

Be that as it may, I think Artscroll is a wonderful and amazing thing. This is just my personal issue with it.

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