The MacNew heart disease questionnaire addresses three major HRQL domains , There is a valid and responsive measure of health-related quality of life for. Psychometric testing of the Chinese Mandarin version of the MacNew Heart Disease Health-related Quality of Life questionnaire for patients with myocardial . Assessment of quality of life using self-reported questionnaires is a way to evaluate and explore the psychological experience of patients with heart problems.

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Dis Manage Health Outcomes. In other words, this statistical procedure assesses whether or not on the basis of the relationships between the items on a questionnaire the suggested method of combining items into groups which are supposed to represent underlying factors is reasonable.

Health-related quality of life in patients with coronary artery disease treated for angina: A self-administered quality-of-life questionnaire after acute myocardial infarction. Health-related quality of life HRQL assessment is an important measure of the impact of a wide range of disease process on an individual.


A common critique of quality of life tools in clinical research is that data are ‘soft’ and less reliable than traditional clinical assessment or physiological measurement. A selfadministered quality of life questionnaire after acute myocardial infarction. It has high internal consistency and reasonable reproducibility, making it an appropriate specific quality of life tool for population-based studies and clinical practice in Iran in patients who have survived an acute myocardial infraction.

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References Dempster M, Donnelly M. Predictors of quality of life after hospital admission for heart attack or angina. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Limited in exercise 0. The factor structure proposed by Valenti et al. The exploratory factor analysis suggested six factors. Item number 18 frightened had more relevance statistically to the social and physical domains in the Farsi version, while in the original report it was allocated to the emotional domain.

Comparison of generic and disease-specific quality of life instruments in patients with suspected myocardial infarction as a means of detecting health care needs.

Translation and validation of two Chinese health-related quality of life instruments in patients with coronary heart disease. The MacNew heart disease health-related quality of life instrument: Lief, Assessment of quality of life in patients with coronary heart disease: Domain means of 5, 5. Outcome measures used to evaluate HRQL among cardiac patients have been introduced [ 34 ] and numerous generic and disease-specific questionnaires have been developed but there is no general consensus on their relative merits.

Health Qual Life Outcomes. The MacNew questionnaire consists of 27 items, each with a 7 point response scale ranging from “all of the time” to “some of the time”. This approach will facilitate patient management, allow international comparisons and direct medical services to meet patients’ needs.

The points where we expected the strongest relationships are in bold. Predictors of health-related quality of life with cardiac rehabilitation after acute myocardial infarction. The LISREL programme produces several goodness of fit indices, which are designed to provide a summary answer to the assessment just described. It made sense, in terms of content validity, for these items to be grouped under the factor onto which they loaded heaviest.


Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches one item was deleted and the remaining items were grouped into five factors — emotion, restrictions, physical symptoms, perception of others and social functioning.

The validity of the MacNew Quality of Life in heart disease questionnaire

Table 2 MacNew components mean rank in age and sex groups. Table 4 Baseline data psychometric analysis.

The emotional score was calculated as the average of responses to 14 items contributing to the emotional domain; the Physical Score was the average of 12 items contributing to the physical domain, and the social score the average of 13 items contributing to the social domain.

The maximum possible score for each item was 7 good health-related quality of life and the minimum 1 poor health-related quality of life. However, there was a problem with items 6 and Method A Persian version of MacNew was prepared by both forward and backward translation by bilinguals after which a feasibility test was performed. The large variety of generic and disease specific instruments can confuse researchers contemplating the most appropriate tools for quality of life questionnairs.

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