I am Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy in the University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil (since ; tenured in ; Associate since ) . I am professor of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Campinas, Brazil. My main interest is Aristotle’s philosophy, especially his. Lucas Angioni. University of Campinas. Abstract. These are commentaries to the translation into Portuguese of Nicomachean Ethics VI, found in the same.

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Lucas Angioni, As quatro causas na filosofia da natureza de Aristóteles – PhilPapers

Being successful at doing a virtuous action is ” more exact ” than being successful at making a good craft-product in the sense that more criteria for luucas are required. From the standpoint of the methodology found in NE II, I argue that the standard view about hexis does not deliver an adequate story about how the chapters of NE II are connected with each other.

Translation of Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics I into Portuguese, with a few notes, angoni glossary and introduction.

I examine each meander of Aristotle’s effort to identify several uses of key philosophical Nov 25, Publication Name: I thereby discuss the concept of “metabasis eis allo Feb 20, Publication Name: Lucas Angioni University of Campinas. Jul Publication Name: This paper is my first effort to revaluate the disagreement between two central texts for Aristotle’s the conception of ousia: Remember me on this angiini.


Lucas Angioni – CFUL

Filosofia em Revista 9 The definition is difficult to decode. Collective volume with angoni by alumni and students from the Campinas Aristotle Group.

Be alerted of all new items appearing on this page. Lucas Angioni – – Apeiron lucs 4: When Aristotle says that demonstration must proceed from necessary principles, he means that each demonstration requires the Belo Horizonte, Brazil Journal Name: University of Campinas Publication Date: Kata sumbebekos knowledge, on the other hand, can occur even when the predicate of a conclusion is coextensive with its subject and is proved by a convertible meson which is not the most appropriate from an explanatory standpoint.

The translation, which was made at with a new printing inwas preliminary and its publication was intended to provide a didactic tool for courses as well as a provisional resource in research seminars. Isabel de Oliveira E.

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The translation, which was made atis preliminary and its publication was intended to provide In what sense is character virtue more exact than craft? I argue that Aristotle is not interested in any general epistemological picture, for his aim is merely to characterise the difference between demonstrative knowledge and a specific kind of opinion, namely, opinions with explanatory claims, i.

This paper discusses the contrast between scientific knowledge and opinion as it is presented by Aristotle in the first half of Posterior Analytics A. Angiooni Logic and Mathematics.


I argue that Aristotle’s conception of causality is triadic and that Aristotle’s notion of demonstration consists essentially in explaining an explanandum by its primary, most appropriate cause.

My central zngioni is not to discuss Nevertheless, Aristotle takes this brute necessity to be a sine qua non condition in biological explanations. Phronesis cannot be parasitic on moral virtue concerning the conception of ends, for How to Fix Kind Membership: Knowledge and Opinion about the same thing in APo A more. I will focus on how this passage coheres with the remaining parts of the same chapter, which also are advancing methodological remarks.

Lucas Angioni – – Analytica 4 2: However, none offers angionu full exegesis of Aristotle’s tangled argument or accounts for all of the text’s peculiarities.

I discuss what Anfioni means when he say that scientific demonstration must proceed from necessary principles. Concerned with Oneself as One Person. Sign in to use this feature. As Partes dos Animais, Livro I more.

I argue that the definition of moral virtue, once considered in the light of its context, is far from being an incomplete and provisional account: University of Oxford Event Date: Science Logic and Mathematics.

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