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Jan 11, 6. Quote of the day. I think your problem may be that the inputs datashet only work at 3 volts above the negative supply. It would work a as a comparator, but it would be a waste.

LM Datasheet PDF – FCISemiconductor

Using a phototransistor as input into comparator Posted by connellyw in forum: Why does -9 work? Boy, is that an ugly IC. Do you already have an account? Could you draw in the resistor values and show how the power is applied?

Thanks for all the replies, I’ll order some proper comparators in the morning. My questions are essentially: Why does the op amp output voltage drop so low when the switch is closed and why does it go from on to off and back to on?


That brings me to a new question, what datasheet specs should I look for in a comparator? Sep 9, 15, 5, See common mode range in the data sheet.

Sep 13, 2, Right now I’m just using LEDs to test the circuit and will get adequate components to run the motor, and I removed the resistor from the output to the base. That would destroy the op-amp. Jan 11, 3. Nov 23, 8, 6, There is no relay. I’m having trouble following. Dec 29, 1, I couldn’t find a datasheet for LM Jan 11, From Lumped Element to Distributed Element Regimes Delving further dztasheet the transmission line concept, the boundary between treating the line as a single lumped circuit element and using the distributed circuit parameters is investigated with a simple analysis in python.

Jan 11, 7.

CP20100S Datasheet PDF

Interestingly enough though I had a little time to play around with the circuit and found that if I changed R to keep the cap from discharging below. Just double checked, it is an LF Yes, my password is: You need an IC made to run on a single supply.

Any ideas as to why this is, just another issue from the given op amp in use perhaps? Jan 11, 8.

Jan 11, 4. No, create an account now. Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers. You May Also Like: A comparator like mentioned in post 9, or if you want to use an op amp an LM would do it. Jan 13, dattasheet Mar 30, 7, 1, Posted by dougal in forum: Also, I am trying to stay away from IC’s so I can get a better handle on transistor switching first time using them but any ideas with them are welcomed so i know for future use.


Most of the resistor values are or less, the drain resistor R is 33k, C is uF, op amp output when switch is open is 7. Jan 11, 26 0. Jan 11, 2. Op amp as comparator Posted by nickyoko21 in forum: Circuit parameters for multiple waveguide geometries are shown.

LM Datasheet(PDF) – First Components International

Jan 12, Your name or email address: Nov 23, 2, Any info you can give me on operation is much appreciated as well as any other circuit ideas. Nov 12, 3, 2, Wayneh, this is the configuration in which it is currently operating. Jan 11, 1. I don’t understand what you mean about setting Vcc to -9V. I assume LM op amp? Aug 12, 2,

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