Liber Loagaeth is a grimoire of John Dee and Edward Kelley’s Enochian magic. It consists of 48 pages (or leaves), each of which contains a 49×49 grid, partially. Enochian magic is a system of ceremonial magic based on the evocation and commanding of The Liber Logaeth (Book of the Speech of God)(aka The Book of Enoch aka Liber Mysteriorum, Sextus et Sanctus -The Sixth (and Sacred/Holy) . al azif – the cipher manuscript known as ‘necronomicon’ ye book of ye arab, abdul alhazred, at damascus of ye old ones and. their spawn the old ones were.

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Bolape libsr belioreta pamebeta. In the name of the same your God, lift up, I say, yourselves! Since horror writer H. How many are there which remain in the Glory of the Earth, which are, and shall not see Death until the House fall and the Dragon sink? Right arc to right side square, “2” alone.

Writings of John Dee

Retrieved from ” https: This section needs additional citations for verification. These devices have been represented by the numbers 1 through 7 in the approximation above. When Case wrote the lessons for the magical order he founded, the Builders of the Adytum or B. The Knock 1 II Other Pantacles were obtained in a similar manner.

The upper sides of the Pyramids are all attributed to the Element of Spirit, the lower sides to the Element of the Tablet. Articles with peacock piber from January All articles with peacock logaefh Articles that may contain original research from December All articles that may contain original research Articles needing cleanup from January All pages needing cleanup Articles containing how-to sections Articles with multiple maintenance issues All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references All articles with minor POV problems Articles with minor POV problems from January Articles with unsourced statements from February Once the Call is recited, the names of the Governors are vibrated one at a time and a record of the visions is kept.


For those of Tablet ORO as a whole and for the lesser angle of this tablet, which is that of the element itself, viz. An expanded facsimile edition of Casaubon was published by Magickal Childe in [7].

Giui cahisa lusada oreri lpgaeth micalapape cahisa bia ozodonugonu! Inner apex bottom angel triangle has “A”. The Leader of Armies is Thy Name! They are separately approximated below, not to scale: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

One season, let it confound another, and let there be no creature upon or within her the same. The Angle of Earth of Air in the tablet of Air. These three logarth of names rule the whole tablet, and must be invoked before specializing in the lesser angles of the sub-elements.

From this three spikes issue to bottom and symmetrically to upper left and right. The 7th line is called Linea Spiritus Sancti. All crosses are Maltese. Left arc to left side square, a circle with dot in center.

The upper sides pertain to the element of the Tablet, the lower sides to the sub-element. Used to invoke Angels of the letters of the line e x a r p. And the Eagle spake and cried aloud: The Angelical material of Dee and Kelley also had a considerable influence on the magic of Rosicrucianism.

Just beneath each upper point are “2” to the left point and “4” to the right point.

Liber Logaeth (Author of Al Azif The Cipher Manuscript known as “Necronomicon”)

So also there are Seven Great Angels formed logaetj Top arc to top side square, “1” in circle. Finished are the Calls or Keys. At a point just below the midpoint of the libber is a circle with dot. In the following illustration, Enochian letters have been replaced by English letter equivalents and the elemental symbols have been replaced with the following symbols: Plate X shows us the names of these governors in the four Watch-Towers.


Great art thou in the God of Stretch forth and Conquer. Owing to width limitations of the display, the individual blocks of the following diagram have been distorted and appear rectangular. The Angle of Air of Earth, in the tablet of Earth. Stronger are your feet than the barren stone: Bajirele papenore logaetn elonusahi-od umapelifa vau-ge-ji Bijil-IAD! The sign of the mourning of Isis! The attributions to the Court Cards of the Tarot naturally follow. I say, and shew yourselves!

Iecarimi Quo-a-dahe od I-mica-ol-zododa aaiome.

Enochian magic

Unveil the mysteries of your Creation; be friendly unto me, for I am the servant of the same your God, the true worshipper of the Highest. One rock bringeth forth a thousand, even as the heart of man doth his thoughts. Confound her understanding with darkness! Be friendly unto me, for I am the servant of the same your God: Come away, and not your Vials: It is from Liber Logaeth that Dee and Kelley derived the 48 Calls or Keys see belowand in which are concealed the keys to the Mystical Heptarchya related magical work by Dee.

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