With the enthusiastic support of his ragged soldiers and sailors and the island natives, Creeg established himself as the first monarch of the Kingdom of Ierendi. The Kingdom of Ierendi comprises of ten islands, each with a specific attraction This Gazetteer includes information on each island in the Kingdom, complete. The Kingdom of Ierendi (Dungeons and Dragons Gazetteer GAZ4) [Anne Gray McCready, Ken Rolston] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The native population includes the Makai, the original tribe to inhabit the islands, and various settlers who have chosen these exotic locales as their home well iefendi some, perhaps “chosen” isn’t quite the proper word Fantasy Worlds Issue 3 – Dec It also has a decent and useful map of the City of Ierendi, with insets showing some of the port defenses.

History does not record the origins of these natives. Thursday, January 26, Kingdom of Ierendi: Level Based Earn XP and level up.

This Gazetteer includes information on each island in the Kingdom, complete maps of the area, adventures keyed to specific locations as well as some more general onesand for the DM a new method of playing out sea battles, complete with iedendi counters. But Ierendi always seemed a bit… odd to me.


Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Posted by Lowell Francis at 9: Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. Tropical islands, set in sapphire seas, fringed with irendi beaches: Obviously, the King and Queen are not necessarily married to each other.

Dragon Issue – Apr The King and Queen are mere figureheads, chosen every year in the Royal Tournament of Adventurers, with the winners of the male and female divisions taking the throne.

Here is the material for precisely that kind of relief. These cover ships and navies from across the area so that DMs can set up grand sea-based battles. Roister Island, in the southern portion of the kingdom, lies in some of ierenvi richest fishing grounds in the Sea of Dread.

The Kingdom of Ierendi

I’ve certainly used that. Though Ierendi has a King and Queen, the real business of running the country is done by the Tribunal, a cabinet of representatives from the most influential aristocratic families in Ierendi. The Kingdom of Ierendi Average Rating: Make it yours, again and again. The Kingdom of Ierendi. The ikngdom booklet follows the same basic design as the three previous series entries.


Role-playing Reviews Dragon Issue – Apr No Web Links Found. The fold-out hexmap enclosed shows all of the Ierendi island chain. Instead of the focused setting building of the previous three entries, Ierendi presents classic adventures and story seeds.

These are mostly atmospheric scenes from the various islands, plus a handful of NPC faces peppered throughout the book. Boomgarden Betty Elmore Bruce Heard. Again that isn’t bad- just different. Come back to Ierendi. Strangely, after the density of the other volumes, that actually makes this seem more empty- even though it is easier to read. Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc. Aloysius Island, plagued by ov mau-mau, a type of disease-carrying mosquito, serves as a penal colony.

Age of Ravens: Kingdom of Ierendi: RPG Items I Like

The Kingdom of Ierendi. But most of all, have fun. Add a copy to your collection. Pirates’ hideaways, disease-ridden jungles, psychotic natives: Wizards of the Coast.

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