Is anyone using this software to receive weatherfaxes and rtty transmissions? I am trying the freeware version without much success so far. JVComm32 is a multipurpose program for the reception of HF-FAX Licence Free to try | $ OS Support Windows Downloads Total. The other minor problem is that JVComm32’s normally helpful “help” file displays the list topics in the “find” function in German. The rest of the “help” file is in.

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Need Help on Hull Construction. In the Windows 95 version, you can only run it in automatic capture mode.

$68 JVComm32 Best Buy in PC-Based HF Weatherfax – Practical Sailor Print Edition Article

I’ve been busy getting the boat ready but I will try some of the proposed solutions. Display List of Vendors. Oh, if we could just see what he saw! We did not try to stress the connection. More on this later. Professional guidance on installing and operating high-tech sailing gear. It turned out that one side of the card was 0.

Instead of his usual self-assured mother-hen delivery, he seemed to be holding back a little. Originally Posted by mattyc Is anyone using this software to receive weatherfaxes and rtty hell Real Hams review new sites every day sincefor potential inclusion in the Directory, and to evaluate the best place to list them.

EXE file in the Win95 folder under Stat Coretex was easy to contact for answering technical questions. Also, each weather chart has a different original quality.

Sometimes it is not what has been added to your fuel that matters, but what is missing. The broadcasts are on the HF shortwave bands between 10 meters and 80 meters 3.


The cassette allows you to make sure that the demodulator is functioning correctly. Click Here to Login. Getting a clean signal is not obvious depending on how much RF noise exists in your location.

Our test laptop was running Windows Sometimes, purposely tuning off the proper frequency by Hz or less can improve the picture quality. Get our latest news and links in your email. Originally Posted by mikereed WeatherStation HW was also the only program tested that failed hflp it was running. In fact, it took two hours to successfully install the software. Webmaster, add a Remote rating JVComm32 – related links We thought you might also be interested in these vjcomm32 web sites, selected from the same category: Other programs show the carrier USB frequency to use no subtraction needed.

So far received 15 votes for a total score of 6. All the other programs display the charts in black and white. There are no ToolTips available with the icons.


Post the Worst “For Sale” Picture We helo using the menus to change the chart to a black and white style, but they became unreadable. We highly recommend it. Make sure the parameters are set right.

$68 JVComm32 Best Buy in PC-Based HF Weatherfax

The significantly lower demodulator inputs loaded down the AF output such that the level was below the point that the demodulators could work with it. Display Vendors by Location. During our testing, every time we ran into a problem with a software package we ran JVComm32 as a test to see if the problem was with the radio connection or the software we were testing.


Tips on ship-shape installations. Anyone having success using a netbook with the same soundcard? I am having the same problem as mattyc. The program is shareware. Is anyone using this software to receive weatherfaxes and rtty transmissions? Then receive some, correct the skewness is the word?

However, it took us many hours of playing with the radio and software to get the hang of actually capturing HF hwlp charts.

Download JVComm32 registration

Thanks for all the suggestions. Trimaran – Especially Searunner Registering the program removes the annoyance. At least there is a useful help file, found by pressing the F1 key. Unbiased, detailed reports on dinghies, daysailers, racer-cruisers, cruising sailboats, and multihulls. This discussion is proudly sponsored by: Adjusting the program i. Once these are entered, WeatherFax will not use these settings until after you exit the program and restart it there is a warning that pops up on the screen to remind you.

Originally Posted by mattyc For sheer ease of use and low cost, we highly recommend the JVComm As I recallthe problem was the skew setting was way off, but Jvcomm332 think I found something in the manual to use as an initial setting and then used the program to jvcomm332 the lines to vertical.

JVComm32 has a spectrum analyzer-like display for displaying the received tones from the radio.

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