A documented record of the Foundations of the Christian Religions. Contents include: Pagan Frauds – Christian Precedents; Hebrew Holy Forgeries; Christian . Joseph Wheless (Montgomery County, Tennessee ) was an American lawyer who According to Wheless not only had no one called Jesus ever lived, but Christianity and the Bible are based on deliberate fraud, Works[edit]. Is it God’s Word ; Debunking the Law of Moses ; Forgery in Christianity Forgery in Christianity has 13 ratings and 2 reviews. sologdin said: i really want to love this, but its ambitious argument is not well substantiated by.

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Augustine seems to deal with the same “just causes as the Greek Fathers, even though he does not allow of their availableness as depriving untruths, spoken with such objects, of their sinfulness.

He is referrring to the scripture. The integrity of the rule of faith is more essential to the cohesion of a religious society forbery the strict practice of its moral precepts”!

Now, as to the just cause, This is an absolute must-read for anyone looking for ammunition to counter the argument that the longevity of Christianity is evidence of its legitimacy. His mother Myra McCall, died when he was young, and his brothers and sisters were by his father’s second wife. Later “he sees a mannikin with hooked snout, horned forehead, and extremities like goat’s josrph this being one fforgery the desert tribe “whom the Gentiles worship under the names of Fauns, Satyrs, and Incubi,” and whose strange, language Anthony was rejoiced to find that he could understand, as they reasoned together about the salvation of the Lord.

The priests and the priest-taught, he tells, instilled the virus of superstition into their victims when “small and weak,” when they knew christiaanity to resist or healthily to react against the contaminating inoculation; “then, afterwards, it was necessary that succeeding generations should preserve the traditions of their ancestors, drinking in this superstition with their mother’s milk.

Perhaps you will read the gospel to me, and will attempt to find there a testimony to Manichaeus. The language is extreme – surely any community is entitled to preserve itself?

Joseph Wheless

For it is one thing to start a problem and another to expound what is already proved. Then India is reached and the river Ganges-called in holy scripture Pison-“which compasseth the whole land of Havilah” and is said to carry down with it-from its source in paradise-various dyes and pigments.


The existence and whereabouts of Paulus being revealed to Anthony in a vision, he set out afoot to visit the holy Paulus. I say nothing of the Latin authors, of Tertullian, Cyprian, Minutius, Victorinus, Lactantius, Hilary, lest I should appear not so much to be defending myself as to be assailing others. Others surmise that the body which the Son of God was destined to take of Mary was the image of the Creator. Pantherace marked it as to-read Jan 23, To quote the proverb, “With one hand one offers bread, in the other one holds a stone.

Wherefore we have decided to relate nothing concerning them except things in which we can vindicate the Divine judgment. In prohibition of which thing, Icomposed this book.

Much of the christianiyt is dated and of little use anymore.

Joseph Wheless – Wikipedia

My teacher, Gregory of Nazianzus, when I once asked him to explain Luke’s phrase sabbaton deuteropwtonthat is “the second-first Sabbath,” playfully evaded my request saying: To obviate abuses, he orders under pain of excommunication or suspension that pontifical Bulls be received only from the hands of the pope or of the officials charged to deliver them.

Or you can dismiss christianitg our next donations cbristianity typically at the beginning of October. This page examines the citations from the Introduction to the work, and compares them with their sources. Sample of authors not included: Quite why this is unreasonable, Wheless does not say. However it is in fact a mistranslation of the Greek chapter title, which itself may not be authorial.

Matt Kelly marked it as to-read May 07, This work, says Bishop Wordsworth, “is a protest against these ‘pious frauds’ which have brought discredit and damage on the cause of the Gospel, and have created prejudice against it, from the days of Augustine to our own times.

According to Wheless not only had no one called Jesus ever lived, but Christianity and the Bible are based on deliberate fraud, Christianity’s continued existence is a conspiracy using persecution and oppression to perpetuate its myths, to enslave people. For the one got possession of the birthright, and the other transferred the wealth of the Egyptians to the host of the Israelites.

Forgery in Christianity

For the theatre contains many who belong to the same school as he: Sometimes, it is true, they are compelled to say not what they think but what is needful.

These are presumably the numbers referred to in the contents pages though these are internally inconsistent! This tells us that Wheless did not verify his quotations. The first 50 sermons in the collection are plainly composed by a single writer with a characteristic style, who refers to Sigebert of Gembloux as whelless ‘compatriot’ in sermon 31 and makes considerable use of the works of Petrus Comestor Bonnes, p.


Forgery in Christianity – Joseph Wheless – Google Books

Multa mihi a misisti. Read his epistles, and especially those addressed to the Romans, to the Galatians, and to the Ephesians, in all of which he stands in the thick of the battle, and you will see how skilful and how careful he is in the proofs which he draws from the Old Testament, and how warily he cloaks the object which he has in view.

Jerome says, “Eusebius is the most open champion of the Arian heresy,” which denies the Trinity. The great Bishop did not, however, it seems, read his own code when it came to preaching unto edification, for in one of his own sermons he thus relates a very notable experience: For that man would fairly deserve to be called a deceiver who made an unrighteous use of the practice, not one who did so with a salutary purpose.

American Reprint, eight volumes. LVII Sed, quod caput est, cur isto modo iam oracla Delphis non eduntur non modo nostra aetate, sed iam diu [tantum modo], iam ut nihil possit esse contemptius? In all these departments forgery and interpolations as well as ignorance had wrought mischief on a great scale. Arianism was also Trinitarian, and Jerome does not accuse it of this. This sort of page is something I would rather not do.

Refresh and try again. The careful selection of one sentence conveys to the reader that the CE advocates precisely the opposite position from that actually advocated. Trampas Jones marked it as to-read Mar 26, Andy added it Oct 17, The same pope legislated severely against forgery and the use of forged documents. What, you ask, is the drift of all this? Innocent III points out nine species of forgery [of ecclesiastical records] which had come under his notice.

Jerome, Life of Paulus the First Hermit. Augustine, On Lying

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