Well the Jeju sauna is not going to get a good rating from us because of a recent incident there. In fact they do not deserved to be rated at all. On a recent visit. reviews of Jeju Sauna & Spa Home of Wellbeing “This used to be a place of relaxation and tranquility. A quiet place to escape the hustle and bustle of. I’m in the women’s-only area at Jeju Sauna, a massive Korean spa in Duluth, and there is no safe place to put my eyes. Everywhere I look there.

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She further suggested that Jeju consider supplying only liquid soap dispensers, or single use soap bars, like hotels and motels, which were overall safer when it comes to transferring contaminants. The longer I stayed the more relaxed I felt, my muscles began to loosen and tension began to fade away as I made my rounds.

I love the environment, the only thing is, it is becoming more crowded. I got started with a very helpful pleasant staff and made my way from steam room to saunas spending enough time to reap the benefits. Did I mention the spa is 24 hours and you can sleep over night.

Reviewed January 4, Even though I have moved out of the area recently I still go back when ever I am in town. Studio 6 Atlanta Gwinnett Place. The woman can adjust the heat, so don’t let my dramatics stop you from trying.


Reviewed February 26, I had fallen asleep earlier and I was just about to get more zzzzz’s in when the rush hit. Some of these claims are backed by sciencewith studies showing that some saunas can detoxify and improve cardiovascular health.

You can get massages, body scrubs, steam rooms, and your nails and toes done.

Want to be humiliated? Go the Jeju Sauna – JeJu Sauna

Meju relaxed muscles say Thank You but I start out in the nudity-required area, where I move from a shower to a steam room, to jejuu hot sauna and a freezing-cold pool, then back again. I rub down was nice and the facial was great. Well the Jeju sauna is not going to get a good rating from us because of a recent incident there.

I walk, naked you get the picture nowto the scrub room, which has four wet, vinyl-covered tables manned by middle-aged Korean women wearing black bathing suits.

There was a purposeful invasion of privacy when the spa allowed a male to enter the locker room with naked females present. It is nice, the tile is heated, especially since shoes meju allowed.

Want to be humiliated? Go the Jeju Sauna – Review of JeJu Sauna, Duluth, GA – TripAdvisor

With that the employee left. OK so after having read several reviews and seeing what a great deal it was to visit Jeju, I put it out there for a X-mas wish and was rewarded when a friend granted my wish and treated me jju a day at the spa.

Once last year and again this year.


Diane was laughing when we left but believe me there was nothing to laugh at. To enjoy everything, you need at least 4 hours. This is not how we do business in America. Been to JeJu Sauna? The people are friendly and everyone tend to wind down around 2 am because people are starting to get some shut eye.

Test Drive: Duluth’s Jeju Sauna is worth stripping down for – Atlanta Magazine

Thanks Jeju I will see you again soon, next time I think I will try a foot massage!! Hotels travelers are raving about It’s absolutely wonderful and for the price you can’t be it.

I had been hearing great things about Jeju Sauna. Log in Join Recently viewed Bookings Inbox. However I have learned, that you may want to get thoses services first, because the wait could be a hour.

We did nothing to warrant this mistreatment by Jeju. I absolutely LOVE this place!!!

Test Drive: Duluth’s Jeju Sauna is worth stripping down for

I was nude as well as one of my friends! Ask Joylovereal ssauna JeJu Sauna. Until you experience Jeju for yourself, everything you’ve heard does not give it justice.

I question her ability and skills to manage this establishment properly. Even so, I have to say that I will definitely do it again, just try to find a low peak time to go.

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