iozone benchmark doc. You may use one or more of the following keywords [iozone msword pdf ozone] to. IOzone. IOzone is a file system benchmark utility. Originally made by William Norcott, SCO OpenServer, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows (95/98/Me/NT/2K/XP). I wrote this book using Microsoft Word 98 for the Macintosh. Hence, the screen shots, menus, etc. might look a little different if you are using a different version or .

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To use this option one must be able to execute commands on the clients without being challenged for a password. This test measures the performance of writing a file using the library function fwrite. This test measures the performance of reading a file with a strided access behavior. The reason that this occurs when the file is bigger than the buffer cache is because the write to the first block on the rewrite case will not find the block in the buffer cache and will be forced to clean a buffer before using it.

Pick the one that matches your configuration and then type: This forces all writes to the file to go completely to disk before returning to the benchmark. The first time the file is written the latency will be low for each transfer.

Iozone will generate an Excel compatible report to standard out. This option should be used in conjunction with the -u option.

Download IOzone_msword_pdf from | on

Once this mapping is in place then stores to this location in memory will result in the data being stored going to a file. When a file is written that already exists the work required is less as the metadata already exists. If the system would have been characterized before it was purchased it would never have made it into the building.


Examples of running Iozone: The —a option will automatically stop using transfer sizes less than 64k once the file size is 32 MB or larger. Here the graph is showing the throughput performance as a function of processes and number of disks participating in a filesystem.

If mswofd don’t see at least 3 plateaus then you probably have the maximum file size set too small. One may also specify -s k size in Kbytes or -s m size in Mbytes or -s g size in Gbytes.

This test measures the jozone of reading a file that was recently read. Iozone Filesystem Benchmark IOzone is a filesystem benchmark tool. Also note that the processor cache effects can be seen for file sizes of 16 Kbytes to 1Mbyte. This again is a typical application behavior for applications that have data structures contained within a file and is accessing a particular region of the data structure.

Although many operating systems have special features that enable them to read a file forward more rapidly, there are very few operating systems that detect and enhance the ,sword of reading a file backwards.

These high latencies can mzword caused by a variety of causes. This is generally sufficient but for some very large systems you may need to use the —g mswoord to increase the maximum file size. This is useful for finding if certain offsets have very high latencies. This flag allows one to turn off the stonewalling and see what happens.


When the -Q option is used Iozone will generate four.

Iozone will create latency versus offset data files that can be imported with a graphics package and plotted. The normal output for Iozone as well as the Excel portion are in the same output stream.

Although interesting to see, it is unlikely that you will be able to get applications to never write files that are bigger than the processor cache However it might be possible to get applications to try to re-use buffers and keep the buffer size smaller than the processor cache size. This saves quite a bit of time. Iozone —Rac This tells Iozone to include the close in the measurement.

What is “iozone”

Options targeted for testing over NFS. See —y for setting minimum record size.

Iozone will unmount and remount this mount point before beginning each test. Many vendors have enhanced their operating systems to perform well for some frequently used applications.

One might consider using it before your company purchases its next platform. Before you run Iozone please read the run rules at the bottom of this document. To graph the data just highlight the region containing the file size and record size and then click on the graph wizard.

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