Infernum is a role-playing game published by Mongoose Publishing in Contents. 1 Description; 2 Publication history; 3 Reception; 4 References. Infernum is an isometric ARPG featuring enemy mobs and large scale PVP action . All Games > RPG Games > Infernum · Community Hub. Infernum. Infernum. Robert Turk is raising funds for Starship Infernum: a tabletop RPG of Interstellar Survival on Kickstarter! A pick-up & play tabletop RPG. Easy to.

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Starship Infernum: a tabletop RPG of Interstellar Survival by Robert Turk » FAQ — Kickstarter

Choose a 2nd book Limited: By far the largest departure is Sorcery, which replaces the magic system. Easy to play, easy to run, unfernum to survive!

To show our appreciation for Hobby Game Stores nationwide, we are offering a retailer pledge level for the first time. Monday, 25th January, Even laying upon them the Covenants, forcing demons to obey anybody to whom they swore loyalty or gave their word, did not prevent them from managing to seduce half of the surviving First Fallen into supporting their desire to remain in Hell and forget about Heaven.

Estimated delivery Dec Any opinons out there? It fuels hellish war mutations, war machines, and other goodies. Infernym about this project? These will be announced once we hit our initial funding goal. In other words it includes standard fantasy fare, but also almost modern warfare equipment and vehicles, often fired by iliaster, as well as iliaster-related stuff.


The Book of the Tormentor – Out Now!

But as we started working on it, we realized that it was a complete stand-alone game, and we had to give it the space to soar. This allows you to pre-order 8 or more wholesale copies of Starship Infernum for resale in your own comic or game store.

There are three books that form the core Infernum game. This is not a very thorough review, so I apologize in advance for that. Ships to Anywhere in the world.

Infernum (role-playing game)

I can see myself playing amidst a band of demons, intent on conquering Infernum. Estimated delivery Nov These retailer copies will receive all of the unlocked kickstarter stretch goals, will be signed by the designer, and will have complimentary ribbon bookmarks sewn into the spine. A good departure is, for example, an expanded treatment of social skills, including my favorite skill ever: It is a game in which you do not fight the Legions of Hell Equipment includes new gear such as the Chainsaw, Flayer, Hellcannon, Purity armor, torturing tools, extracted Agony, and demonic tanks or motorcycles.

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Starship Infernum: a tabletop RPG of Interstellar Survival by Robert Turk — Kickstarter

Iliaster is produced by torturing lost souls in the many torture farms of Infernum. Embroidered Mission Patch Exclusive: Starship Infernum signed Exclusive: It’s inferrnum way to bring creative projects to life.

Infernum characters can be very diverse. No matter what, we will be upfront with communicating and setting realistic expectations. Plus your name in the credits and a pdf copy of the book. Saturday, 25th June, The Free Cities Heresy, a rebellion against the very laws of the Infernum, has arisen and claimed multiple cities across Hell, forcing the other infernnum Houses to accept House Lictat in order to focus their attention on this new threat.


Demons consume it, mortals produce it, angels cannot replenish it until high level.

By the time that the spell wore off, the demons had uneasily settled into the violent, bloody, oft-broken ‘peace’ maintained by the Nine Houses of Hell, each headed by one of the most powerful demons in the Pit, each one a claimant for the title of Ruler of All Hell.

Sorcery is skill based, and uses rituals one known per rank. Starship Infernum signed Hardback: You must have a resale certificate and a physical store location to take advantage of this pledge level. We have several stretch goals lined up including additional scenarios, alien write-ups, and more!

Funding period Jun 5, – Jul 4, 29 days. Is it an outstanding product? Infernum I inadvertantly came across the Infernum line offered through Mongoose Publishing, but I haven’t seen much about it in the way of reviews.

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