The long-awaited new audiobook from Greg Egan! Hugo Award-winning author Egan returns to the field with Incandescence, a new novel of hard SF. The long-awaited new novel from Greg Egan! Hugo Award-winning author Egan returns to the field with Incandescence, a new novel of hard SF. The Amalgam. Nov 12, Six years after his last novel, Egan returns with an extraordinary work of ultra- hard sci-fi – a breathtaking, if sometimes knotty, thought.

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I wanted to know why the Aloof were so different from the Amalgam and imcandescence they had chosen to make this communication at this time. How cool is that? Adam Roberts is a writer and critic of SF.

Spectroscopy revealed that its surface contained molecular filaments, carbon nanotubes with elaborate chemical modifications that both strengthened them and protected them against the stellar wind. Books by Greg Egan. But yes, these assumptions may be going too far. To view it, click here. Incandescence is a science fiction novel by Australian author Greg Egan. Throughout the book, you gain more and more info as the scientists do experiments until the answer is revealed.


I liked the book, though perhaps the above would have fitted inczndescence a shorter story. I skim read, blanked out, and totally forgot things as I went along But it is more than that. In fact, I liked this one better.

I had a lot of fun trying to think of setups that would cause this This book describes a species learning the laws of physics in an environment with a very different pattern of weights to what we see on Earth. The first follows two citizens of the Amalgam, a Milky Way -spanning civilisation, investigating the origin of DNA found on a meteor by the Aloof.


Open Preview See a Problem? Each male had separated the two hard plates that met along the side of his body, to expose a long, soft cavity where five or six swollen globes sat dangling from heavy cords March 11, at 4: The inhabitants of the Splinter became the Aloof.

And it was a fast read. Its members roamed the galaxy, traveling alone, but had agreed to remain in contact by meeting regularly at prearranged locations, and doing their best to experience similar periods of subjective time between these reunions.

As a result of start up and start again, I really lost most of this novel. Of course, one way of addressing this would be to make the tacit assumption that Egan has translated incandescdnce just words but concepts into something accessible to 21st-century Anglophone readers.

This is classic Egan. Pages to import images to Wikidata.

It’s hard to complain about characterization when you’re reading about aliens, their incandrscence, actions and words, but Egan did a fairly good job with that. We don’t know much of how the Aloof live, but I would not necessarily assume that they remained in arks like you suggest.

I Had a hard time following a lot of the science. Jul 31, Leo rated it liked it Recommended to Leo by: One follows a restless citizen of a far future galactic civilization on a quest to discover something, anything, new and mysterious in the aseptically tame society he inhabits.

Do not complain about works not fitting your personal definition of “science fiction”. Naturally, a scientist does not desire to toy with her audience, or play peek-a-boo with her data; she wants to uncover things, not to cover them over with artful narrative suspensefulness. The ark that Rakesh finds is happily orbiting a neutron star, just like it is supposed to. Overall, one of Egan’s best. Yes, their exchanges really are as dry and unengaging as that, pretty inccandescence all the incadescence through.

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This did help a little to show that they were working with a physics alien to our own experience. This book shares the main premise with those. In particular, we incsndescence that they came up with the concept of a connection inxandescence developing a notion of spacetime geometry incandescebce only derived the significance of the speed of light after that, where as these were discovered in the opposite order in our real history.

It must be happening at a different time, maybe the Splinterites survived and made repairs. Support the artists whose work you enjoy!


Mar 04, Ben Babcock rated it it was ok Shelves: All that said, there are many virtues to the book. In fact, two great stories interwoven. But you can tell by the way relativity works in the splinter and what they see when they look at the Hub nothing—which is most obvious, to me, when the Wanderer’s orbit goes behind the Hub.

He eventually wrestles with a genuine moral conundrum, and I admit I liked that. Personally I like how the story makes these revelations, it’s subtle and elegant. More, the framing of the tale throws efan awkwardnesses. Overall, I’d weakly recommend this book to hard scifi fans, especially if you have a background in mathematics or physics.

Strange Horizons – Incandescence by Greg Egan By Adam Roberts

I don’t think Egan did enough of that, so it was too easy to gl I liked the book for the most part, though much if it was pretty incandesence. What is any scientific paper if not a dump of info? Then we find a second narrative, braided in alternate chapters with the first.

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