1. PROSPECTUS. PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY. (A Central Professional bodies such as ICAI, ICSI and ICWAI and any other. The idea of Nayee or Buniyadi Talim arose from this conference. PROSPECTUS NAAC (UGC) REACCREDITED INSTITUTION GRADE B (CGPA). (Established under Section 3 of the UGC Act, vide notification No. F /U 3 of the Government of India). Accredited by.

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Case discussions, written and oral presentations, etc. Job order costing for theory only c. Sequential flow and branching — Evaluation of expressions — Relational operators.

Factors affecting Work Environment – Lighting, air, ventilation, temperature, water, sanitation and noise. Elicit and show respect for the views of others 8. Unit —V Set Theory: UNIT VI Social responsibilities of Entrepreneurs 10 Marks-6 lectures Social responsibilities of entrepreneurs- towards owners, employees, shareholders, customers, government, suppliers, competitors, society and environment.

Derivatives of composite functions.

They are not expected to deal with unrealistic problems! Book for study and Reference: Economic importance of water; Demand for water — domestic and commercial industry, agriculture ; Global water scarcity; Water scarcity in India — extent, causes, attempted solutions; Pricing of water – importance, water pricing in India; Challenges in the water sector — scarcity, sharing of water, pollution, groundwater issues, pricing, water quality…; National Water Policy — proposed measures to meet challenges Unit 4: Akhter Web references 1.


Take an active part in group discussion 7. Discussion on issues involved in enforcement of environmental legislation, regulatory policies and technological advances in environmental management. Analyse different aspects of nature and their inter-relatedness with humans. Opening of a file, reading from a file, closing a file, file copy, file opening modes.

Hence if there is no listening, there is no speaking. Most of the sessions will be through hands on training. Cases, problems, computer based exercises, industry based projects, secondary data based projects, etc.

Yashwant Ifwai Course Title: Problems faced by SSI units. Managing Busineness Excellence through vision values and vibrant practices, excell books, by Sachin Mittal, Praghya Keshari and Others. Chand and Co Ltd. Business Mathematics by A.

college prospectus – Goa Multi Faculty College

Unit — X Derivatives: Chand Limited, New Delhi 2. Recursive functions — Writing menu driven programs peospectus loops and conditional statements. Database System Concepts; 3e A. Market Structures 20 marks lectures Market — meaning and classification; Revenue concepts — Total, Average, and Marginal; equilibrium of a firm; Perfect Competition: There is an oral report to the class with a layout of visuals or audio-visual plan is they wish.


college prospectus 2015-2016 – Goa Multi Faculty College

That can only be done if the listener makes a response, such as: Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is a three year full time programme in order to build competence in students to effectively undertake entry level and middle level managerial jobs in organisations.

The owner of a house in a quiet street.

Methods of Marketing of securities –meaning and advantages of the methods 7 methodsUnderwriting of securities — meaning, types and advantages; B. Basic cost concepts, cost classification, allocation and absorption of costs, Cost centers etc.

Person A pgospectus, Person B listens, understands, considers and answers: On labour turnover only theoretical study is required II. Environment and human health.

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