The Gesta Hungarorum of the Anonymous Notary of King Béla is the oldest extant The author of the Gesta, known historically as the Anonymus (always thus). The Romanians in the Anonymous Gesta Hungarorum. Truth and Fiction, Centrul de Studii Transilvane (Bibliotheca Rerum Transsilvaniae, XXXIV) Cluj-Napoca. Written between , the Gesta Hungarorum is an ingenious and imaginative historical fiction of prehistory, medieval history and contemporary social.

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Salanus hungarorym to keep strong ties with Bulgaria in c. It is obvious that, in the first two phases, this site was only a refuge fortress. Because the crossing was easy, both units arrived joined battle at the same time. In this case, the best solu- tion could be the identification proposed by G.

De duce salanus Dvx uero arpad transactis quibusdam diebus inito consilio, et sui nobiles miserunt nuntios suos ad hungagorum salanus, qui nuntiarent et uictoriam Thos et bulsuu, quasi pro gaudio, et peterent hungarogum eo terram usque ad fluuium Zogea.

The way or the ways of penetration, the territories taken under control, and the chronology of the events could be established with some probability with the help of archaeology, which means in fact the interpretation of two processes: If we assume that GH was written after when the Byzantine Empire lost Bulgariathe mention of a duke of Bulgaria subjected to the Greek emperor would be meaningless.

Oh no, there’s been an error

In these circumstances, the 9th century Christian relics hungarlrum no longer evidence for the existence of the Romance population in Pannonia. Sed ego quia in nullo codice hystoriographorum inueni, nisi ex falsis fabulis rusticorum audiui, ideo ad persens opus scribere non proposuj. Memor igitur tue dilectionis quamvis multis et diversis hujus laboriosi seculi impeditus sim negotiis, facere tamen aggressus sum que facere jussisti, et secundum tradiciones diversorum hystoriographorum divine gratie fultus auxilio optimum estimans ut ne posteris in ultimam generationem oblivioni tradatur.

Quem omnes primates hungaarorum milites hungarie miro modo diligebant. The objects with magic and symbolic charac- ter suggest that the buried person was a shaman.


Lelu filius tosu, bulsuu uir sanguinis filius bogat, bonton filius culpun. As he made haste for his fortress, located near the Zomus River, the soldiers of Tuhutum, following him quickly, killed Gelou near the Copus River.

The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries. In fact, GH is different not only in content, but also in form, because it is a gesta, not a chronicle: Et ipsum menumorout in castro byhor dimisserunt.

But, if we examine the source with more care, we notice that all events are ascribed to that period, being focused around the Hungarian founding hero, sometimes by mistake see chapter I.

Retrieved from ” https: In conclusion, we contend that the events described in GH, c.

From the chronological point of view, survival becomes a problem after the first decade of the 5th century, when the first emigrations of the natives in Dalmatia and Italy are attested. Simon of Keza mentioned the Blacki once more, in another con- text. Et uocatus est arpad dux hungarie et ab hungu omnes sui milites uocatj sunt hunguarie secundum linguam alienigenarum, et illa uocatio usque ad presens durat, per totum mundum. Zumbor vero genuit minorem Geulam, patrem Bue et Bucne, tempore cuius sanctus rex Stephanus subiugavit sibi terram Ultrasilvanam, et ipsum Geluam vinctum in Hungariam duxit, et per omnes dies vite sue carceratum tenuit eo, quod in fide esset vanus et noluit esse Christianus, et multa contraria faciebat sancto regi Stephano, quamvis fuisset ex cognatione matris sue.

Statim dux de kieu missis legatis, VII. Et pugnatum est inter eos xii.

Gesta Hungarorum

Quia essent blasij et sclaui, quia alia arma non haberent, nisi arcum et sagittas, et dux eorum geleou minus esset tenax et non haberet circa se bonos milites, et auderent stare contra audatiam ggesta, quia a cumanis et picenatis multas iniurias peterentur. Altera autem die ordinate sunt utreque acies in campo iuxta ripam danubij. He was quite familiar with Hungary and Albania, 51 but he had a confused image of other Balkan regions.

hungaroum According to the Anonymous Notary, Arpad gave to Tuhutum the right to conquer and rule Transylvania, but one of the heirs of Tuhutum, Geula, betrayed Stephen I, who was the inheritor of Arpad. Anonymus dedicated his work to “the most venerable man N” [27] who had been his schoolmate in an unspecified school.


De Borsod Et dum ita radicati essent, tunc conmuni consilio et ammonicione omnium incolarum, missus est borsu, filius Bunger cum ualida manu uersus terram polonorum, qui confinia regni conspiceret et obstaculis confirmaret usque ad montem turtur, et in loco conuenienti castrum construeret, caausa custodie regni. Only after the defeat of Riade did the Hungarians change the direction of their attacks towards the south-east and east. Dum pater ogmand speculator tuhutum per circuitum more uulpino, bonitatem et fertilitatem terre et habitatores eius inspexisset, quantum humanus uisus ualet.

Terciam uero partem suis posteris dimiserunt.

Gesta Hunnorum et Hungarorum – Wikipedia

It reflects data from Gesta Hungarorum chronicle hingarorum of the data is provided by Hungarian historian Dr. De insula Danubij Post hec uero egressus dux arpad de partibus illis, ubi nunc est castrum budrug et descendit iuxta danubium usque ad insulam magnam.

Afterward hungarodum the White Ugrians who inher- ited the Slavic country [after they expelled the Volokhi, who pre- viously occupied the Slavic country]. Tunc communi consilio hac de causa missus est borsu filius buger cum suis militibus. Because this work recorded the existence of the Romanians in Transylvania before the arrival of the Hungarian warriors, the his- torians who did not and still do not agree with the continuous presence of the Romanians in Transylvania tried to deny the credi- bility gest this source, or at least of the chapters about the Romanians.

The Mortuary Archaeology of Medieval Banat. Quem Borsu celerrimo cursu persecutus ictibus sagittarum in uertice montium interfecit.

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