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FM (FM ). BROWNING MACHINE GUN,. CALIBER HB, M2. MARCH HEADQUARTERS. DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY. DISTRIBUTION. M Cal FM study guide by pythonregius24 includes 14 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and games help. Start studying M CAL FM Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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FM 3-22.65

When an action or movement is to be executed by only one of the gunners, a preliminary signal is given to that gunner only. Swinging traverse fire is employed against targets that require major changes in direction but little or no change in elevation.

Follows the gunner without hesitation. GTL enforces field discipline while the gun team is employed.

FM – Appendix A – Machine Gun Employment « Infantry Drills

He does this to fire instantly in case the other machine gun malfunctions or ceases fire before the target has been eliminated. Machine Gun as a Base of Fire A During movement moves to the right side 3-2.65 the gunner and no more than one meters rush away from the gun.

Ammunition must be allocated for each key event and to support movement with suppressive fires. March column with four machine guns. Gunners and leaders must consider the complexity of laying on the target.

It is important that gunners and leaders understand the technical aspects of the different ammunition available to ensure the machine guns and automatic weapons are employed in accordance with their capabilities. This is the limit of troop safety. The effectiveness of the enemy on the objective will play a large role in how much risk should be taken with respect to the lifting or shifting of fires.


When engaging targets other than point targets with a pair of guns, mf targets are divided so fire is evenly distributed throughout the target area. The leader always announces the estimated range to the target. In the defense, the M adds increased firepower without the addition of manpower.

Therefore, each gunner observes his tracers and covers what he believes to be the entire target. This is normally only used to engage aerial targets in self-defense or to fire the final protective fire in the defense to protect the perimeter. MK 19 and M2 in the Defense A The rates of fire for each machine gun are shown in Table A Available M ammunition is classified as follows Table A The position should be accessible and afford cover and concealment. Automatic weapons achieve grazing fire when the center of the cone of fire does not rise more than 1 meter above the ground.

They must plan for the rate of machine gun fire needed to support the key events, and the amount of ammunition needed for the scheduled rates of fire.

Leaders may also use lasers in conjunction with night vision devices to designate a target to the gunner.

For incendiary effect, especially against aircraft. WSL gives gun teams the rate of fire. Only automatic rifles use assault fire.


The sight picture has sight alignment and placement of the aiming point on the target. The gunner may mark the sector limits by notching or placing stops on the log or board. Prearranged signals are either visual or sound signals such as casualty-producing devices rifle or claymorepyrotechnics, whistle blasts, or tracers. Gunners must accurately estimate range to the target and establish a safety limit that is an imaginary line parallel to the target where fire would cause casualties to friendly Soldiers.

The direction depends on the type of target and whether the target is engaged with a pair of guns or a single gun. The extent of grazing fire and the extent of dead space may be determined in two ways.

The signal for calling for these fires is normally stated in the defense order. Therefore, gunners cannot be allowed to empty all of their ammunition into one bunker simply because that is all they can identify at the time.

Additional considerations for automatic riflemen using assault fire include—. The mission of machine guns in battle is to deliver fires when and where the leader wants them in both the offense and defense.

Arm-and-hand signals must be used to control the Soldier who is walking and to obtain an accurate account of the dead space and its location.

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