Every Little Thing in the World. Nina de Gramont, Author. S&S/Atheneum $ (p) ISBN I wish I could say that about Nina de Gramont’s book, Every Little Thing in the World, but I can’t. This book, about a teenage girl dealing with her. Every Little Thing in the World. Deborah Stevenson. de Gramont, Nina. Every Little Thing in the World. Atheneum, [p]. ISBN $

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In the end, what will Sydney choose to do? Early on, Sid says she liked canoeing until she discovered beer and boys. She didn’t end up telling her mom that she was pregnant had wanted the abortion until the moment she was in the hospital during a rescue of the camp. Worl, this book pissed me off to no end. May 28, Sarah rated it did not like it.

It was decently written and pretty realistic. The story was good but felt like Oposing sides of the issue were never really adressed. The interaction between Sydney and everyone else is fantastic, like ninaa well-balanced meal that is nutritious and delicious at the same time. I could not put this book down! The main characters ar For me 2 stars is for a book that I read all of but didn’t particularly enjoy. The descriptions of the Canadian summer made me wish I was there now.

View Full Version of PW. It made be uncomfortable to read some of the book too due to contradictions of my beliefs. Book titles OR Journal titles. Flaws are pointed out as well as the greater aspects for each character.

Her parents, frustrated with her brushes with the law and lack of responsibility, ship her off to spend a month canoeing in Canadian lakes. After she has an abortion the author writes; “We were like babies, safe somehow in worlld forest. As the story progressed and as tensions rose between her and Natalia, I found myself really caring about Sydney and about what she was going to do about the pregnancy. Why, dodge making a decision by going on a summer wilderness expedition, of course!

And did it all have to be made to look attractive and inviting? But the big problems start a few chapters in when Sid and Cody take a canoe out on the lake at night.


Every Little Thing in the World by Nina de Gramont

Sep 23, Additeenlibrarian rated it really liked it Shelves: From the plot description, it looked pretty cliched. This is a wonderful story about a huge decision that a young girl has to make.

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They leave their food out as though bears and raccoons aren’t of this world. No gear checks, no paddling tutorials, no packing food, going over emergency procedures, nothing.

And she certainly isn’t expecting the other heady issues that will confront her as she forges friendships with her adventure-mates, including a guy who makes it no secret that he is a major thug and a teen television heartthrob with a secret of his own, not to mention her own best friend — who is very adamant about what Sydney should do.

As said briefly above, the plot was just plain addicting, leaving me to finish this book in less then two days which is pretty good considering the loads of homework that usually dictate most of my time. DO NOT read this book if you want to read fiction about the outdoors, or if you want to read books about adventurous women, or women behaving sensibly in the wilderness.

There were times when she thought she would keep it, and there were times when she thought she would abort it. The situation also provides a believable opportunity for exploration of the various futures that lie before Sydney depending on the choice she makes, and her path is genuinely uncertain for much of the book. Trivia About Every Little Thin As Sydney calls Natalia to break this news to her, Natalia lets Sydney know that she, too, will be joining her.


Talk about getting slapped aside the head. I don’t usually like “girl books” all that much, but I really liked ecery one. I especially loved the characters and how they all had a personality to them, which is what usually lacks in other novels, and the setting in the Canadian wilderness. However, without her character the book would have been vastly different, I will admit that.

When they portage, Sid and her best friend dde the canoe together like rank amateurs who don’t know what yoke pads are for.


Every Little Thing in the World by Nina de Gramont – Review | BookPage

Lists with This Book. She should be told that you can gramojt beers and boys into a canoe, and still have room for the rest of your campin This is not a book about the outdoors.

After this, they probably hit the ball around with their baseball mallets, and then go to the bowling alley to knock over some bowling logs. Reviewed by Breanna F. Sydney was a character that was easy to like from the beginning because while she had a big problem that none of you teens out there will hopefully have nnina face during your high school years, she also had others that were easy to relate to.

Sydney’s situation is one that looms over gramon readers, and they’ll both be moved by her experience and enlightened by her reflections as she struggles to make a decision. She wasn’t living in a bad home, she wasn’t poor, she had nothing obvious like so. This book is a good mix-up, and it IS nice to see a different view on the outlook on preganancy, such as this, being abortion. I also believed each character was developed to their potential.

She found out a lot about herself as well. I liked the two characters, Sydney and Natalia, because they were similar but they also acted as character foils and, in the end, I liked that they accepted each other’s friendship even though they were both changed people.

But this book did granont me understand and empathize a little more with thee who make that choice and where they are coming from. Surrounded by Canadian wilderness, Sydney interacts with new people and learn new things from the practical to the personal.

I did like the secondary characters, though, because I enjoyed how Nina had them each come from a different and diverse background that made them stand out in their own unique way.

The lake is always calm, “rowing” is always easy. View all 3 comments.

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