Esacure ONE by IGM Resins is a difunctional oligomeric alpha hydroxy ketone. It is a type I photoinitiator. Provides through and surface cure. Formula (1) was prepared using both Esacure M (A) and Esacure ONE (B). The results of the tests performed are reported in figures 1 & 2. Curing was. ONE offers very low odor levels and low migration but suffers from low solubility. A liquid version, Esacure ONE 75, is a 75% solution of ONE in 25% ethozylated.

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Examples of polyepoxides are those based on the abovementioned polyols, especially the aromatic polyols, and epichlorohydrin.

It is also used for powder coatings, food packaging, and clear lacquers for wood, escure, paper, metal, and optical fibers. The European Patent EP Lamberti discloses an aqueous dispersion comprising a photoinitiator and a surfactant.

With the widest variety of photoinitiators that upon exposure to UV light decomposes into free radicals that initiate a polymerization between diluting acrylates and acrylated oligomers, the free radical system is adopted for most applications. The surfactant can be a blend of all classes of alkoxylated surface active substances described previously.

Optionally one or more organic diluents may be present. CZ Free format text: Photoresist composition and method of manufacturing black matrix using the same.

Optionally the blend may contain water. FR Ref legal event code: Visually, no difference in yellowing could be observed.

Photoinitiator mixtures and compositions with alkylphenylbisacylphosphine oxides. The product form esafure a clear, colorless to yellow liquid. This product is a new high reactive difunctional photoinitiator particularly suitable for clear systems.


PL Free format text: Want to know more? A further advantage is shown for the aqueous systems. B at least a homogenous liquid blend of photoinitiator and surfactant as described above. Lamberti requires water to obtain a heterogeneous product form at room temperature.

Examples of monomers containing two or more double bonds are the diacrylates of ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, neopentyl glycol, hexamethylene glycol or of bisphenol A, and 4,4′-bis 2-acryl-oyloxyethoxy diphenylpropane, trimethylolpropane triacrylate, pentaerythritol triacrylate or tetraacrylate, vinyl acrylate, divinylbenzene, divinyl succinate, diallyl phthalate, triallyl phosphate, triallyl isocyanurate or tris 2-acryloylethyl isocyanurate.

Due to its molecular structure, it is particularly suitable for all systems eacure low VOC, low migration, and low extraction values are needed. The term also refers to compounds containing one or more acetylenic groups, which can be connected through the residue of a linking group to one or two oligomeric or polymeric chains of alkylene oxide residues.

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USA1 – Liquid photoinitiator blend – Google Patents

As additional photoinitiators oligomeric compounds such as for example oligomeric alpha hydroxyl ketones e. The optional organic diluent provides additional stability of the photoinitiator concentrate and assists in improving compatibility of the photoinitiator concentrate towards different end use formulations. Their product lines include Fillers and Additives as well as Binders. Liquid compositions containing triarylsulfonium complex salts and oxyethylene material.

The polyols may be partially or completely esterified with one carboxylic acid or with different unsaturated carboxylic acids, and in partial esters the free hydroxyl groups may be modified, for example esacute or esterified with other carboxylic acids.


The mixture is cooled slowly to room temperature. It shows a good performance with clear coatings too. FG2A Ref document number: To the homogeneous solution water is added.

Benzene, (1-methylethenyl)-, homopolymer, ar-(2-hydroxymethyloxopropyl) derivs. |

Examples of ether fluids are diethylene glycol dibutyl ether and phenoxyethanol Examples of alcohols are rsacure, CC15 oxoalcohols, propylene glycol, dipropylene glycol, tripropylene glycol, oligoethylene glycols like diethylene glycol, triethylene glycol, tetraethylene glycol and glycerin.

Ref legal event code: Interesting also are resins which are modified with silicon or fluor, e.

The combination was stirred using a magnetic stirring bar for 5 min at approx. Examples of organic diluents based on ester fluids include: CY Free format text: Examples of unsaturated carboxylic acids are acrylic acid, methacrylic acid, crotonic acid, itaconic acid, cinnamic acid, and unsaturated fatty acids such as linolenic acid or oleic acid.

MK Free format text: Also preferred are non-ionic surfactants derived from ethoxylates of vegetable oils or edacure fats, such as on oil ethoxylate, castor oil ethoxylate, tallow oil ethoxylate. Again the curing results demonstrate that the liquid photoinitiator blends provide useful good curing performance despite the dilution with blend components.

US20120035292A1 – Liquid photoinitiator blend – Google Patents

PT Free format text: Therefore liquid photoinitiators are preferred for producing of UV-curable paints. You may choose a language below to continue to this industry or close this dialog above.

AT Free format text: Preferably, the pure surfactant is a liquid at room temperature.

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