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It would be equally possible to produce a population of sane and reasonable people, but many governments impppulares not wish to do so, since such people would fail to admire the politicians who are at the head of these governments He goes after ancient philosophers, that Plato’s Republic should have been admired on its political side by decent people is perhaps the most astonishing example of literary snobbery in all historybut also modern ones as well.

He attacks Hegel for this in a very humorous manner, but also criticizes his intellectual descendants, the Marxists and their belief in the inevitability of Communism. This is understandable mistake when considering the time period when the essays were written.

Unpopular Essays

Lists with This Book. All that passes for knowledge can be arranged in a hierarchy of degrees of certainty, with arithmetic and the facts of perception at the top. Such ideas would include egalitarianism and the malleability of human nature. Dec 27, Prasad GR rated it it was amazing. View all 12 comments.

Nonetheless, I admire his ironclad convictions in the freedom of the individual and the freedom of thought which everybody pays lip service to, but nobody in practice really does believe in either in the present or back then. Published October 13th by Routledge first published January 1st Wouldn’t hurt to read. This isn’t from the book, but from Evangelical literature, they hate the idea of a one-world government except for the one that JC brings after the war to end all warsI mean irrationally fear it, as if it is something that is knocking at our door, and that is coming and will take away their guns and make them wear barcodes on their neck.


This would make the spectators so furious that the authorities had great difficulty in preventing them from lynching the penitent and burning him on their impopu,ares account.

Mar 28, J rated it liked it. He set it out with so much obscurity that people thought it must be profound. As I said this is either common sense, or bullshit, depending on what you believe. On the heels of the Francis Wheem Marx biography, I was quite pleased to immediately come upon this passage, “Hegel’s philosophy was so odd that one would not have expected him to be ebsayos to get sane men to accept it, yet he did.

Russell is a well-known rationalist thinker and atheist and his views are driven by the common sense dictum that one should only believe that which has sufficient supporting, scientific evidence.

Pointing to the flourishing of the Greeks when they threw off the shackles of their own dogmatic superficial beliefs when they became cosmopolitan, Russell thinks that this is something that can be done to save our planet from annihilation.

This is a great help in persuading people that wars are righteous. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Jan 23, Maru Kun rated it it was amazing Shelves: Some of these essays were assigned in my European History in college. At least keep in mind that he had just witnessed two world wars and expected the third one to be fought with nuclear weapons. View all 30 comments.

He advocates a one world government. Russel’s fight against dogmatism and grim future predictions had timeless wisdom in them. This book has plenty to offer relating to pursuits of objectivity, One of the few satirical philosophy books that I’ve read. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Editions of Unpopular Essays by Bertrand Russell

My professor used them to make the class one of the best and most informative history classes I’ve ever taken. In Rush’s case, I don’t know how to justify it.

In Russell’s defense though the guy is old, and people don’t look their best when they reach 90; in Olsteen’s I’m pretty sure the huckster smile is all part of the slick image he manufactures for his livelihood. This is kind of like common sense to some, impopularee utter bullshit and the kind of thinking that is wrong with this dirty humanist infected nation of ours to others.

To read these essays is to purify one’s mind of the hazardous and shallow opinions surrounding Perhaps as impopulxres as they are transformative, Russell’s essays collected under this title profess to dispel many myths that the general run of human beings raised in the twentieth century took, and still take for granted.

He goes after ancient philosophers, that Plato’s Republic should have been admired on its political side by decent peop The world changed a lot in the period these essays were written, the s and s, yet there’s still a lot of thematic unity here, the content being very relevant even up until the present day.

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