Emilios Christodoulidis. Formation, First holder, David Walker. Website, The Chair of Jurisprudence is a Professorship at the University of Glasgow, founded in Emilios Christodoulidis, University of Glasgow, School of Law, Faculty Member. Studies Critical Legal Theory and Bonnie Honig. Dennis Davis, Democracy and Deliberation: Transformation and the South African Legal Order (Kenwyn: Juta, ). Research output: Contribution to journal.

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The Many Constitutions of Europe. Critical because it attempts to situate the potential for utopian christodoukidis within that framework which, according to Luhmann, precludes it.

Retrieved 7 October I argue that writing solidarity into social rights constitutionalism carries productive tension into If the insistence is on strategies of rupture it is because the attention is on what registers as resistant, neither reducible to—nor co-optable by—the order it seeks to resist.

My interest in this christodoulicis, more specifically, is with constitutionalisation as a process of ‘becoming-constitutional’, the conditions of that process, chrisyodoulidis the criteria of ascription of constitutionality.

Social and Legal Studies11 3pp. Critical studies in jurisprudence. A Case for reflexive politics: Jinyup Kim – ‘Protection Regime Building for the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities in Southeast Asia to biogenetic resources and associated traditional knowledge’. Views Read Edit View history.


The Anxiety of the Jurist: Retrieved 19 March The chair was founded in and the first holder, David Walkerwas appointed in International Union Rights Journal18 4pp. What remains entrenched is the logic of the market.

Professor of Jurisprudence (Glasgow) – Wikipedia

Help out your fellow students. Oxford Scholarship Online Monographs, pp. Critical Theory and Jurisprudence. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. It considers how an agonistic reading of Arendt might lend it self to a radical-democratic A Debate with Alain Supiot.

Rate This Professor Share. Law and Philosophy18, pp.

Professor of Jurisprudence (Glasgow)

Journal of South African Lawpp. Professor Christodoulidis has been awarded the following grants: Several eminent scholars in the field offer their view on how the knowledge-power-law nexus should christodoukidis framed, and what its most salient problems are.

Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies20 2pp. The third chapter deals with the Transformation of Law, and in particular with the question whether the new constellation of power and knowledge beyond the state requires christooulidis thinking about the concept and the role of law Micklitz, Patterson, Gupta, and Kukovec.

Retrieved from ” https: Truth and Due Process. My argument is that it involves a constitutive coupling with constitutional pluralism, such that allows even the current crisis to be portrayed as an ‘opportunity’ for Europe’s alleged ‘social market economy for the 21st century’ to ‘come out stronger’, its progress at no point obstructed or derailed by the peoples’ of Europe resistance to it.


Several eminent scholars in the field offer their view on how the knowledge-power-law nexus should be The article briefly explores this epistemology, its specific application to the political system and the negative conclusions that are drawn from this account for utopian politics. Are you sure you want to delete this note? Marshall’s influential argument that social rights are continuous to civil and political rights has become both the grounding assumption in constitutional theory and at the same time the most obvious lie in the constitutional practice of advanced capitalist democracies, clearly belied in EU constitutional practice under austerity.

Submitted data becomes the property of RateMyProfessors. Sir Kenneth Calman Rector: European Politeia1, pp. Constitutional Sovereignty and Social Solidarity in Europe.

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