An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of internationally beloved teacher Elisabeth Haich and her lucid memories of initiation into. Elisabeth Haich. INITIATION. AUTHOR’S NOTE. It is far from my intentions to want to provide a historical picture of Egypt. A person who is living in any given. Initiation [Elisabeth Haich] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of.

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Feb 04, Leslie rated it really liked it. Now we were together so trustingly, and I believed that I could discuss everything with her.

What she’s elisaeth in her head you can’t get out again anyway. The next morning I wake up in my mother’s bed. The descriptions of the capabilities and fundamentals of the Sons of God is exceptional including the pyramids the science and purposelions drawing chariots, the spiritual exercises, telekinesis, concentr After I read the summary e,isabeth some of the reviews it came across haifh similar to some of Brian Weiss’ books. It would be easy to design them on the basis of this and other similar books!

Uncle Stefi came often, played beautiful music on our piano, and showed me all kinds of attractive things. I tried to explain to her that I found these studies uninteresting, while mother tried to make it clear to me that I still had to study; we just did not understand each other, and I was fed up. But I didn’t content myself with just telling them, I acted them out as if I were on stage.

I was aghast as I watched the fearful struggle my brother was making for his life and mother was making hakch save her only son.

After a while, when I was already getting a little bored, father touched mother’s shoulder. Until the end of her life, she lectured and counseled seekers.

With my questions I had only offended and frightened them. As they hugged each other, I could not for the life of me imagine what had got into the modest, quiet little Sophie. I was very pleased to have picked such an opportune moment!


I looked at it attentively and then observed that it had long and very fine tufts of hair on its ears, like a little monkey. Now they came for a visit to see the newborn baby.

People told me that it was ‘cold’. A year later we moved to another part of the city where there were many trees and where the houses were surrounded by beautiful gardens.

Elisabeth Haich

In order to obtain otherwise inaccessible information, I asked mother from time to time to let me have a volume of the encyclopaedia in which to read up on some plant or animal we were studying in school.

Sometimes I found someone in my own home town who could give me valuable information for my further search, and sometimes this voice led me far away into strange lands, where I often found information that was in remarkably close agreement with the words I had heard at home.

I had heard so often about the beauty of sunrise that I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to see it for myself. Summer went by, and we came home. We just would not let her stop. Nevertheless it would help me very much if you would tell me how you have acquired your experience, because I and all the others who would listen to your story would be able to learn how one can profit from experiences.

He explained to her that my nerves were over-sensitive to a very unusual degree. When Aunt Adi came, we surged towards her joyously, helped her out of her coat, and our first word was always, ‘Aunt Adi, tell us a story!

People refuse to think about it, but whether they think about it or not, it is so! What my brother had seen remained an open question for me, one I pondered long and often. I was running desperately, gasping for breath, along a path leading to a little house.

Elisabeth Haich (Author of Initiation)

To this very day I do not know what happened to the beautiful countess who was kidnapped in her bed at night by a man in black who carried her off on his galloping horse Very often when certain things have bothered me, I have found help in the words of my guru: He takes everything as a matter of haidh. And every one who has found that being and speaks elisbaeth the way to him becomes an object of respect and admiration. We just did not understand each other.


Soon everybody in the house knows the news, and Adi, when she comes at midday, gets to hear the news as soon as she opens the door. The complete works of Shakespeare!

Yes, up there I was happy! With how much loving understanding and tenderness you tried to overcome all the difficulties caused by this over-sensitivity of mine.


The other girls in school were as amazed at me as I was at them. In this way I gave an animated story about how the vicar of Wakefield led elisabeh holy life, how a young man got acquainted with his daughter, Olivia, and finally ran off with her.

She often told me about her many travels in foreign countries, and numerous times she took me with her to the National Museum. This book gives you an opportunity to think why did you come in this world? Just take it easy. eliswbeth

Elisabeth Haich

I was already pretty used to the fact that adults often talked nonsense and did senseless things, but this was elisabteh much, and I insisted on knowing more.

You helped me learn, through consciously developed powers, to keep my sensitivity in balance. I could list several “untruths” that stood out to me, but it isn’t important. Yes, here he is father, but he is not my father!

The mysterious letters reveal their meaning, and I find myself reading elisaabeth and joyously. Since Sophie was holding me in one arm, he was holding me tight too, much to my distaste and great displeasure. The power which guides our fate did not create man for misery but for happiness. The teachings of the High Priest Ptahhotep are given in modern language so that modern people may understand them.

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