Anna University, Chennai Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Eighth Semester EC Mobile Adhoc Networks. ADHOC NETWORKS PPT – Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt /. pptx), PDF File .pdf), Text File Introduction ` History ` Mobile Ad-hoc Networks ` Infrastructure based Networks and Infrastructureless Networks. . Adhoc Question Bank EC VTU 8TH SEM CSE ADHOC NETWORKS NOTES 10CS EC / EC Mobile Adhoc Networks May / June Question Paper ECE 8th Semester Regulation | BE Electronics and Communication.

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Protocols with directional antennas Reduced signal interference 2. The hidden terminal can cause collisions ec050 the receiver node. What is free space propagation model?

RTMAC has no time synchronization since nodes operate in the asynchronous mode. The five phases of FPRP are 1. This is especially important for interactive sessions between user applications.

Minimize Energy Consumption per Packet 2. How networkw application layer integrated with its upper layer? The classifications of integrated mobile IP network based on gateway discovery are Why does TCP not work well in ad hoc network? What are the factors that affect effective cross layer design?

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Where is network layer solution used for QoS? Secure routing is done on wireless channels by having secure routing protocols which support 1. AMRIS may not exhibit high packet delivery ratio even when all nodes restrict their mobility to mobjle small region.


How does energy aware routing work? What are hybrid protocols? Minimize Cost per Packet 5.

The cross-layer feedback can be categorized as follows Upper to moible layers: Differentiate proactive and reactive routing protocols. This is done by manipulating multiple queues at every node, one each for each data stream, and running the back-off algorithm independently for each queue.

Why does an AP in wireless network act as a bridge? Path break handling mechanisms 4. List the types of Random Access protocols and Collision Resolution protocols. Ad hoc networks are widely used in a.

Anna University ECE 8th Semester Notes

Cross-layer feedback means interaction among the layers in the protocol stack. Some indoor propagation models are: What are the classifications of integrated mobile IP network? List the hybrid protocols.

List the approaches for power aware routing protocol. What is Byzantine attack? A “mobile ad hoc network” MANET is an autonomous system of mobile routers and associated hosts connected by wireless links –the union of which form an arbitrary graph.

The services provided by IEEE Distinguish between shadowing and reflection of signal propagation. Long —distance path loss model ii. Draw the frame format of IEEE They are Prepared by A. Military applications and battlefields b.

List the table driven protocols. Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. There is limitation in availability of power for operation. For energy aware routing, ec22050 power consumption and remaining battery backup must also be considered for choosing path. It occurs due to multipath propagation. It is used in battlefields and military applications. This is due to the high redundancy and the possibility of reuse over different sessions. What is hidden terminal problem? TCP in ad hoc networks becomes a problem due to a Misinterpretation of packet loss b Frequent path breaks c Effect of path length d Misinterpretation of congestion window e Asymmetric link behavior f Uni-directional path g Multipath routing h Network partitioning and remerging i Use of sliding-window-based transmission 7.


Reservation acknowledge phase 5. Hybrid routing protocols – Uses both table driven routing and on-demand routing protocols.

What are the factors influencing small scale fading? Nrtworks secure routing protocols are needed? Table driven routing protocols – Periodic exchange of routing information. These protocols are to initiate route discovery on demand but at a limited search cost. This protocol invoke a route determination procedure only on demand. Mention any four qualities of service metrics that are used to evaluate the performance of the network.

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