: The Sea of Faith (): Don Cupitt: Books. Don Cupitt has his own website which explains many of his central ideas. The Sea of Faith churches also have a website worth exploring. Links to both can be. Don Cupitt’s Sea of Faith, first published by the BBC in association with the eponymous TV series, is now ten years old and has recently been repub lished by.

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The concepts like ‘God’ remain useful provided we do not interpret them in a realist sense. Cupitt argues that the original Jesus was an eschatological prophet who preached an ethic of love in the face of what he believed to be sa imminent end to the world. He rejects all ideas of gaining salvation by escaping from this world of ours.

Within society there are many different cupltt games’ being played and the same word may function in different ways within different dialogues. Between Realism and Non-Realism. Are there other, less radical ways for Christianity to survive? Religion is ‘man made’ but then so is our entire impression of reality. Religious experiences are affected by our culture and background.

If there is no common belief system to bind the religion together, then what will happen to the community aspect of religion? During the s I still felt pretty confident of the permanent and in-all-situations goodness and religious efficacy of Christian fauth, symbols and moral values. For example, liberal Christianity has dispensed with many of the more problematic parts of Christianity without arguing for xea non-realist interpretation of God.

His theology is poetic rather than strictly systematic. Initially his theology could be described as fitting within the mainstream of the liberal tradition but from onwards it became progressively more radical and postmodern. Additional notes on Cupitt including some useful extracts from interviews here.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. People often like and dislike similar things, this could imply that our experiences are similar. Its stated aim is to “explore and promote religious faith as a human creation”. If it is not any different then why call it religion? In a market people know the exchange rate of goods and they cooperate for the good of all.

Encyclopedia Of New Religious Movements.

The fullest bibliography in print is that in Gavin Hyman’s Festschrift volume ofNew Directions in Philosophical Theologypublished by Ashgate. Words also shape the way that we think. What religion can do is to help us find meaning by ‘making value out of valuelessness’.

Sea of Faith

Cupitt explains Jesus’ use of the term ‘ Kingdom of God ‘ as a reflection of the beliefs at the time. Problems occur when the ‘rules’ from one language game are misapplied to another different language game.

A person might find a different way of finding meaning in the world entirely independent of the language sae structures of Christianity.

Old paradigms that we have rejected may still be referred to because they reflect our experience. Stage 4 Solar ethics and expressionism the authentic religious life is one of expressive cupltt. Cupitt believes that we construct God and religion through language. Gladstone’s Library, which was formerly known as St Deiniol’s Library, is a residential library, especially of theological books.

Don Cupitt

Cupitt believes that there are elements of Christianity that are worth saving. Finallyis religion really just faaith spirituality? He goes on to describe the ways that religions people have tried to respond to this challenge by focusing on the ethical message of religion, by relegating religion to the private realm or by fighting back as lf does and rejecting the spirit of the age.

Humanist associations Religious organisations based in the United Kingdom Rationalism Religious pluralism Secularist organizations Nontheism Interfaith organizations. Cupitt thinks moral laws are necessary and, to a certain extent, will take care of themselves. If Feuerbach is right about where religious belief comes from then surely he is also right that society should abandon it when we have recognised that. He also said that concepts like God, Salvation etc become meaningless when understood in a non-realist sense.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Fifthlyif we reject a realist interpretation of the supernatural and if we reduce religion to an ethic of making the most of life then does se really deserve to be called a ‘religion’ at all? We must avoid all attempts to deny or escape the limits of life — traditionally time, chance and death. After God 45 ratings. Since the s Cupitt has written many books on philosophy of religion and on ethics. What religion does offer is an ethic.

Stage 1 Negation Theology we can only know what God is not and can say nothing meaningful about him – fairly mainstream.

As stated above, Cupitt rejects the traditional Christian view of Jesus in favour of what he believes to be a more authentic reading. Sez Cupitt the sun is an apt metaphor for how people should live life.

Don Cupitt, Philosopher – Official Website

In his writing, and in the various societies he has tried to foster, Don Cupitt attempts to develop new thinking for a new epoch: Don Cupitt’s official site cupltt be found here. As his opponents said, Jesus really was a rebel, who took the power of creating morality from Heaven and gave it to us humans. It is reasonably accessible to beginners in philosophy and theology. Views Read Edit View history.

Cupitt says we should understand theological language in this non-realist way.

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