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Explosives, which possess detonating or otherwise maximum hazard; such as, but not limited to, dynamite, nitroglycerine, lead azide, blast- ing caps and detonating primers.

The solution is warmed at a temperature below the boiling point of the solvent, and the latter gradually evaporates and the floating spheres solidify. C 2 H lehrvuch N0 3 molecular weight: Since there is no need for this gas spdengmeister be generated pyrotechnically, it acts as cold gas indeed in most cases this gas is re-heated pyrotechnically so that it does not cool down too much as it expands.

C 10 H 26 O 4 molecular weight: Dabei geht es im Wesentlichen um die Vermittlung folgender Kenntnisse: Parallel connection of the detonators is used only in special cases extremely wet conditions with danger of shunting ; special blasting machines must be employed for this purpose. Other, portable machines work on the injector principle. The product shows a great tendency to cake. It is a nitrocellulose gelatinizer. Calcium Nitrate Calciumnitrat; Kalksalpeter; nitrate de calcium hydrated: The combustion chamber must withstand the prede- termined working pressure and the temperatures developing at the chamber walls.

Case Bonding This expression denotes a modern processing technique in the field of rockets driven by solid propellants.

Ball Powder Kugelpulver, Globularpulver; poudre spherique Ball powder is a propellant with ball-shaped particles, produced by a special method developed by Mathieson USA.

The cases are made by filtration from a pulp, pressing, molding and drying. C 3 H 6 N 6 03 molecular weight: Using dimethylformamide as a solvent, the polymer is then processed with sodium azide at high temperature.

Dinitrochlorobenzene is not an explosive. The explosion heat of diglycol in dqs form can be kept lower than the heats of the ssprengmeister nitroglycerine powders; they represented the first step towards the so-called cold powders.


Now let the piston accelerate again and continue its motion at the new, higher rate. They are based on the metric system; conversion from the English or the U. Fligh-nitrogen organic compounds C, H, O, N are combined with inorganic oxidisers: A type of delay fuze in which the fuze action is delayed for a relatively long period lerhbuch time, depending upon the type, from minutes to days.

Das Lehrbuch Der Sprengmeister

C 4 N 8 N 2 0 6 molecular weight: The two ends of sprengmeistee peg will serve for two trials and the two friction surfaces of the plate will serve for three trials each. Recent practice in the United States is to insert cards playing cards, perspex sheets etc.

Procedure The sample is placed on a roughened 25x25x5 mm porcelain plate, which is rigidly attached to the sliding carriage of the friction appara- tus. C 1 oH 6 N 2 0 4 molecular weight: Fie also suggested that the apparatus employed be redesigned, to avoid gas losses which occur when the cup attachment is taken off.

Density Dichte; densite Density is an important characteristic of explosives. The development of explosive cladding is very much more advanced: The gas developed can be vented by a valve in the screw cap for measurement of volume and for gas analysis. Sectional view of the caseless cartridge body Dax 4. The application technique of these mixtures has now become very much easier owing to the fact that the material, which has a strong tendency to agglom- eration, is commercially produced as porous prills.

In this way it is possible to effect cladding tasks which would be impossible to fulfil by manual welding, owing to the formation of brittle intermediate alloys between the plat- ing material and the base material – as, for instance, in plating titanium onto a steel surface.

These laws were passed in order to protect the public and to make the use of explosives for criminal purposes a heavily punishable offence. sprengmfister

Their strength is lower than that of ammonium nitrate explosives in powder form. The load on the peg may vary Table Acremite This is the name given by the U.


It is a satisfactory gelatinizer for nitrocellulose and is a powerful explosive, comparable to Cyclonite and PETN. This can be lehrbucu by interposing a mass, which may be very small, such as an 0. The delayed-action detonators may be set for a delay of half a second half-second detonators or for a delay of ms millisecond deto- nators.

The tube is not destroyed by this detonation pulse. Pittion-Rossillion, these methods were con- siderably improved later by F.

One end of the tube is sealed by a thin cardboard disk, which is glued into position.

[PDF] Das Lehrbuch Der Sprengmeister – Free Download PDF

Mechanical erosion may also take place by gases rich in solid particules, e. Cyclonite is currently probably the most important high-brisance ex- plosive; its brisant power is high owing to its high density and high detonation velocity. Unfortunately, the original creator of this book, Dr. The components are named by nitro: Explosives designed, produced, and used for commercial or industrial applications other than military.

This type of combustion is produced by coating all other surfaces with a non-flammable layer.

It is insoluble in water and readily soluble in sprenmgeister it is a poor gelatinizer of nitrocellulose. These propellants can be manufactured by casting or by pressing. It is readily soluble in benzene, xylene, and acetone and is sparingly soluble in alcohol and ether.

The dependance on pressure is characterized by the pressure exponent see above.

In the Cardox process, condensed C0 2 is brought to a high vapor pressure by means of a heating cartridge. If the medium is an explosive gas mixture rather than air, it is obvious that an explosive reaction will be instantly initiated in front of the lehgbuch wave.

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