In a chemical reaction that yields one product (X) from one conformational isomer (A’) and a different product (Y) from another conformational isomer (A”) (and. Curtin Hammett Principle, transition state theory, equilibrium constant. J. I. Seeman, J. Chem,Ed. , 63, The Curtin-Hammett Principle and the Winstein-Holness. Equation. J. I. Seeman, Chem. Rev. , 83,

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The Curtin—Hammett principle can explain the observed dynamics in transformations employing dynamic kinetic resolutionsuch as the Noyori asymmetric hydrogenation [12] and enantioselective prinnciple. A slightly expanded version of the Gold Book is also freely searchable online, translations have also been published in French, Spanish and Polish.

Simplified mechanism for metal-catalyzed epoxidation of alkenes with peroxide ROOH reagents. This is a Curtin—Hammett scenario in which the more stable isomer also reacts more rapidly. The value of this coefficient k may depend on such as temperature, ionic curtih, surface area of an adsorbent. Retrieved from ” https: Two isomers of the stannyl ester are accessible, and can undergo rapid interconversion through a tetrahedral intermediate.

In a computational study of the diastereoselective epoxidation of chiral allylic alcohols by titanium peroxy complexes, the computed difference in transition state energies between the two conformers was 1.

According to the Journal Citation Reports, it had a factor of The activated complexes are in an equilibrium with the reactant molecules.

A reaction is zero order if concentration data are plotted versus time, a plot of t vs. Eliel has proposed that the hypothetical reaction of cyclohexyl iodide with radiolabeled iodide would result in a completely symmetric transition state. For elementary reactions, which consist of a step, the order equals the molecularity as predicted by collision theory. First assume that the reaction at constant temperature and pressure is the only one that is occurring.

However, in a real-world scenario, the two reactants are likely at somewhat different energy levels, although the barrier to their interconversion must be low for the Curtin—Hammett scenario to apply. For instance, high selectivity for one ground state conformer is observed in the following radical methylation reaction. Before the development of TST, the Arrhenius rate law was used to determine energies for the reaction barrier.


In a computational study of the diastereoselective epoxidation of chiral allylic alcohols by titanium peroxy complexes, the computed difference in transition state energies between the two conformers was 1. Berthoud used the Maxwell—Boltzmann distribution law to obtain an expression for the rate constant.

The asymmetric diol is first treated with a tin reagent to produce the dibutylstannylene acetal. The alkylation of hammeett with methyl iodide is a classic example of a Curtin—Hammett scenario in which a major product can arise from a less stable conformation. Reaction Pathways and Synthetic Applications”.

Curtin–Hammett principle

Stated another way, the product distribution reflects the difference in energy between the two rate-limiting transition states. Pirrung and coworkers reported complete selectivity for the desired product over the product resulting from a 1,4-methyl shift. This is an example of enantioselective synthesis using asymmetric induction Key: If reactants A and B were at identical energies, the product ratio would depend only on the activation barriers of the reactions leading to each respective product.

It is unlikely that the reaction outcome mirrors the stability of the intermediates, as the large CpRu group experiences unfavorable steric interactions with the nearby isopropyl group.

However, allowing the two isomers to equilibrate results in an excess of the more stable primary alkoxystannane in solution. An example of a Curtin—Hammett scenario in which the more stable conformational hajmett reacts more quickly is observed during the oxidation of piperidines. Atropisomerism — due to restricted rotation about a bond, a molecule can become chiral, folding of molecules, where some shapes are stable and functional, but others are not.

Stereochemistry of Carbon Compounds.

Curtin–Hammett principle – Wikipedia

The reaction could result in the formation of two possible double bond isomers. The symmetry-allowed [2,3] sigmatropic rearrangement must follow a pathway that is lower in activation energy than the 1,4-methyl shift, explaining the exclusive formation of the desired product.

Chemical kinetics Physical organic chemistry. The Curtin—Hammett principle has been invoked to explain regioselectivity in the acylation of 1,2-diols. According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a impact factor of In this case, both conformers would react at the same rate.


For example, given species A and B that equilibrate rapidly while A turns irreversibly into Cand B turns irreversibly into D:. A key step in the synthesis is the rhodium-catalyzed formation of an oxonium ylide, which then undergoes a [2,3] sigmatropic rearrangement en route to the desired product. This result suggests that oxonium ylide formation is reversible, but that the subsequent step is irreversible. The structure of each of the two compounds contains a twisted membered macrocycle.

Chemical Reviews is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the American Chemical Society. Were the two reactant complexes not rapidly interconverting, enantioselectivity would erode over time as the faster-reacting conformer was depleted.

TST is also referred to as theory, absolute-rate theory. This product ratio is consistent with the computed difference in transition state energies. Instead, a Curtin—Hammett situation applies, in which the isomer favored in equilibrium does not lead to the major product.

Under this assumption, the ratio of the products is then. This page was last edited on 17 Septemberat When ground state energies are different but transition state energies are similar, selectivity will be degraded in the transition state, principlle poor overall selectivity may be observed.

It is hypothetically possible that two different conformers in equilibrium could react through transition states that are equal in energy.

These committees run different projects which include standardizing nomenclature, finding ways to bring chemistry to the world, IUPAC is best known for its works standardizing nomenclature in chemistry and other fields of science, but IUPAC has publications in many fields including chemistry, biology and physics.

As a result, the product distribution will not necessarily reflect the equilibrium distribution of the two intermediates.

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