The wise traveler avoids problems by consulting his Trail Map. TM4 maps out not only the grand city of Waterdeep, but also to other cities. The wise traveler avoids problems by consulting his Trail Map. TM4 maps out not only the grand city of Waterdeep, but also to other cities featured in the Avatar. The City of Waterdeep Trail Map has 7 ratings and 0 reviews. A fantasy city can be a vast, sprawling, mazelike place. Main streets turn into blind alleys.

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D&d Tm4 The City of Waterdeep Trail Map Dungeons & Dragons Forgotton Realms | eBay

It is a city of o, adventure, and danger. Maddgoth’s Castle “‘Ye want this ol’ moneylender’s advice on entering Halaster’s Hall yet again? The Lost Level “‘Far be it from me to impugn the mettle of adventurers such as yourselves, but daring the depths of Undermountain merely for fortune’s sake is more absurd than kicking a sleeping dragon in the nose for sport.

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Some brave souls worthy of the title ‘Hero’ must enter Undermountain on a mission to save Halaster Blackcloak! H Tdail rated it liked it Mar 16, Enter an endless maze where waiting death bears a thousand faces and treasures lie waterreep in a thousand places.

Monsters prowl the dark recesses and alleyways, gangs of zombies shamble about performing menial labor, and anything and everything can be bought and sold: This page does not exist.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. Please select a support frequency. A mile and a half beneath the orderly streets of Waterdeep squats the most wretched and lawless pits of thieves, buccaneers, slavers, and sellswords the Realms has to offer.

Wateerdeep markets adjoin crime-infested slums.

So please, come in. At dawn of Highharvestideevery practitioner of magic on the Sword Coast knew there was a problem. Waterdeep is detailed in no less than 10 expanded maps, embellished with typical building interiors suitable for use in any campaign setting. An aerial view of the city. Chris Barndollar rated it really liked it Jan 14, Main streets turn into blind alleys.

In addition, a full-size poster of Waterdeep is provided, along with a grand-scale three-dimensional map of Castle Waterdeep, hub of the city’s government. What it’s like to attend a private party hosted by Waterdhavian nobles, Where Waterdeep’s ghosts walk, Legends and clues about famous, as-yet-unrecovered treasures, What fare a typical Waterdhavian menu offers you, The best moon-kissed spots to meet Waterdhavians of the opposite sex, Waterdeep’s best shops and craftsmen, The best places to dine, stay, see — and, of course, avoid!


There’s also a dark vampiress traill enjoys a good hunt, and be sure to mind the beholders — they’re trained to keep you from escaping. Paperback2 pages.

Mark Griffin marked it as to-read Feb 08, Based on material originally presented in FR1 Waterdeep and the North and City System, this box expands all that information and adds over pages of new characters, magic, and excitement! Jeremy marked it as to-read Nov 05, Published December 28th waterdfep Wizards of the Coast first published December From the many-spired towers of Piergeiron’s Palace to the living, ever-changing city of Waterdeep, and suggests many adventures therein.


Well, then, pack your gear and delve into Ruins of Undermountain II: Main streets turn into blind alleys. My advice is this: Under a moldering tangle of catwalks threaded between the stalactites and stalagmites of the cavern city, illithids, drow, beholders, and others plot and trade with emissaries from the surface.

He’s a dangerous lot, that Maddgoth, and many other met their ends by underestimating that pasty-faced little scarecrow.

TM4 the City of Waterdeep Trail Map TSR 9401

Here and wealth and goods from every corner of the Vity, intrigue and feuds and important personages of rank and influence. If you’re looking to lay siege to Maddgoth’s Castle, you’re on your own. The wise traveler avoids problems by consulting his Trail Map.

The only law is meted out by the enigmatic Skulls of Skullport, mysterious floating humanoid skulls whose capricious judgments and madness-induced destructiveness are the stuff of grisly travelers’ tales. Here’s a photo of me with the 10 maps of Waterdeep put together.

Books by TSR Inc. Linda Buth added it Jan 11, Designed for use with Waterdeep, these new features are suitable for use anywhere in the Forgotten Realms! To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Trakl await you underneath Waterdeep!

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