Learn more about the Andean hairy armadillo – with amazing Andean hairy armadillo photos and facts on Arkive. A recent work shows that Chaetophractus nationi and C. vellerosus would be the same species, and thus its distribution would extend further to. Familia: Chlamyphoridae Subfamilia: Euphractinae Genus: Chaetophractus Species: Chaetophractus nationi.

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The mean percentages of individuals classified by discriminant function analyses according to species are shown natikni Table 2 hold-out cross-validation.

However, this range is very wide, and its lower values largely overlap the range of values of virtually all other populations.

Chaetophractus nationi – Wikispecies

Other authors Frost et al. Eastern tur Capra cylindricornis. Here, we report the 1st cheatophractus systematics assessment of hairy armadillos using morphological and molecular analyses of all described species with focus on the status of the Andean hairy armadillo.

They include landmarks of type I anatomicalII mathematicaland III semilandmarks from the lateral side and midline. The female is solely responsible for parental care in this species.

Moreover, this single putative C. In Bolivia and Chile, Chaeto;hractus Hairy Armadillos have been used for meat, musical instruments, decorations, good luck charms, and medicine for rheumatism.


Andean hairy armadillo

They are a polygynandrous species and each adult lives a solitary life. The Andean hairy armadillo averages a tail length of three to seven inches and a body length of eight to sixteen inches. They also show that mitochondrial genetic diversity is reduced in C. However, the post-hoc Tukey HSD dhaetophractus indicated that only 3 of 6 pair-wise comparisons were significantly different.

Young rely heavily on their mothers for almost a chaetophractsu until they develop adult teeth and begin to forage. Lesser grison Galictis cuja. A phylogenetic network was first constructed from Kimuraparameter distances inferred from the complete D-loop mitochondrial data set using the neighbor-net algorithm Bryant and Moulton within SplitsTree4 Huson and Bryant L iterature C ited. Accessed December 31, at https: X Close Link to this photo Embed this Arkive thumbnail link “portlet” by copying and pasting the code below.

Oxford University Press, Oxford. Nowak, Unlike other armadillos, Chaetophractus nationi has hair between the majority of its sclaes, and is completely covered on its legs and underside. Retrieved from ” https: The only difference between 2 putative Chaetophractis. Head and body length reaches to mm and the tail length is 90 to mm. Partial sequences of these exons were amplified nationj the same C.

The bony plates of armour that surround this animal’s body serve as protection from predators. Cabassous Northern naked-tailed armadillo C. Further resolution of nstioni relationships within Euphractinae will thus involve gathering large-scale comparative genomic data, coupled with the use of gene tree-species tree reconstruction methods based on multispecies coalescent models Liu et al.


Detecting biological distinctiveness using geometric morphometrics: The landmark configurations were projected from the curve Kendall to the tangent Euclidean space Booksteinwhich allows exploration of shape variation using multivariate analyses e.

Mammals of the Neotropics. Landmark and semilandmarks 56— on the left side are not shown. The hard outer covering of the Andean hairy armadillo is good protection from predators, but humans can easily catch and kill them 2. These figures dropped to 55 variable 2.

The sister-group relationship between E. The grouping of these 2 genera to the exclusion of Zaedyus would be congruent with the cladistic study of craniodental characters by Gaudin and Wible Habitat loss from deforestation, sand extraction for road construction, and agricultural development are also ongoing and increasing nationo 4 8. Blog Friday 05 October Wildscreen With: Chaetophractus nationi is endemic to Bolivia and northern Chile, in the Andes mountain range.

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