In a month or so I plan on running Expedition to Castle Ravenloft with my group. This being partially inspired by the vampire kick I’ve been on. Expeditio n to Castle Ravenloft cenrers around the vampire. Strahd von Zarovich. As Dungeon Master,you must play him as carefully as the playe rs run their cha. CASTLE RAVENLOFT? The Expedition to Castle Raventoft campaign adventure is designed for four 6th-level Duucaous ┬┐St [email protected] charac- ters (though.

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The official believes the human and halfling “gypsies” who travel throughout the region are transporting the contraband goods. The original module changed according to the Tarokka ravemloft and PC activities.

A new hook is useful if the PCs are floundering and could use a new direction to explore.

The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. Cordell and James Wyatt.

Action points “stolen” from PCs can raise his total without limit. So, he became a Vampire in hopes of being able to deal with the Dragon. One look at the two page stat block not write up – stat ravdnloft was it – I officially switch to Savage Worlds and never looked back. These ideas are a starting point. He closes them immediately upon their entry. I haven’t DM’ed 3. See Letter from Barovia, page Originally Posted by Crothian.


The entire adventure contains enough encounters and treasure for characters to advance from 6th level to 9th level by its conclusion. Of course, you can also allow players of dead PCs to bring new characters into the adventure. All three of these characters have equipment appropriate rxvenloft PCs of their level — though Ireena starts with a handicap, in that she has already failed her saving throw against Strahd’s dominate ability and lost some Constitution to his blood drain.


Not sure how to handle it if they run out of those guys though. The randomization by taroka deck is still there.

How does he interact with the people? The NPCs had strong motives and personalities that were the basis of their actions. First, it was a new line for 3. Over the course of approximately three sessions of play, they fight the zombies with the help of a band of zombie-hunting mercenariesencounter the new burgomaster and learn of the death of his father, and meet Ireena Kolyana, the object of Strahd’s monstrous obsession.

Ready for the final confrontation, the PCs explore the rest of the castle until they encounter Strahd again in the room foretold by the Fortunes of Ravenloft. The fortune-telling also gives the PCs some information about the secondary goals of Strahd, to assist them in their eventual showdown with the vampire. I already know that I am going to trim the opening zombie section to maybe just one initial fight, the courtyard rumble, and then maybe one more when zombies attack the barricades or something.

In this model, the PCs need to find or awaken only one of the two legacy items. As far as Strahd, mechanically he is csstle unoptimized, unfocused mess. Expedition to Castle Ravenloft cover. This makes their encounters in the village easier, which also speeds their progress toward the castle and the final confrontation with Strahd. All times are GMT For a full list, see the Related Subreddits wiki page.


We got through the first section. The zombie section alone was freakin’ huge then I go to check out Castle Ravenloft and the tactical encounters go from page to ! The book suggests the taint mechanic in Heroes of Horror.

Expedition to Castle Ravenloft — Table of Contents

For more information about Wizards of ravfnloft Coast or any of Wizards’ trademarks or other intellectual property, please visit their website at www. Such knowledge is certain to be attractive to the Order caslte the Emerald Claw. It’s important to add that the Ravenloft covers have often been recycled across editions. Drawing by Vulion, avatar by CheesePirate.

Your goal is to impact the players, not just the PCs. Email Required, but never shown. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. It’s a living module that “resets” every time it’s played.

In addition, you should probably make a list of the events because it may change how the NPCs play, maybe even their location.

I’m hoping that little twist will make it tougher for the Pcs to just go after him and kill him. To make things worse, anyone infected by zombies becomes a zombie if killed or severely injured.

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