While BrikWars is still in active development (yes, even this many years later), it hasn’t yet been finalized and formatted for download. Previous editions are. Like all devices in BrikWars, every Propulsion system should be represented by specific physical elements. Most will be obvious: wheels and sails and zeppelin. Unauthorizations and Unsanctionednesses. Images. Conceptual Progenitors. Copyrights and Trademarks. Contact Info. Fair Use Policy. Printing Copies.

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It retains pockets of support among konservative and fundamentalist factions who hold to an originalist reading of minifig identities, particularly in the United Systems Alliance, thanks in part to their state hero, CAPITAL A. Movement Speed Examples Move”. Except for Squad members that used up their Actions to Parry or Bail in response to Counterattacks, the Squad may now move and take Action freely – possibly to engage in Close Combat elsewhere.

If this Armor is overcome, the item is rendered useless and destroyed.

Mega Bloks have their logo printed on the surfaces between studs. Tired of flintlock muskets, this squad of redcoats can’t wait to give the rebel colonists a taste of their new submachineguns.

No one has been able to define the Emperor’s “Greater Good” precisely, but his “all means necessary” is the largest assembled military force in the known galaxy. If your opponent knows your forces are limited to sword-wielding knights, he can ruin your day by fielding an assault helicopter, hovering just above sword-throwing range, and casually carpet-bombing your helpless ground troops into oblivion.

Almighty Bennies give players the opportunity to steer the group towards exactly their preferred kinds of fun, and the mutual fun of everyone at the table supercedes brijwars other goals.

Weapon Sizea Size 3 Explosive might only be a Size 1″ object for dropping purposes. Even if another player’s What I Say Goes Roll would work against you, you’re not obligated to oppose it. If the active Squad dies or is Disrupted, its Close Combat is finished for the turn. The brikdars will be ruined, but in the process you will have identified someone whom you should never, ever play games or interact with in any way again.


From photos taken at the scene, it’s unclear whether the man’s leap brikward intentional, or if the Hero picked him up and threw him in the way. Wargamers tend to react badly to BrikWars’ opposition to its own rules, especially when it gives their opponents free rein to do something game-wrecking. Major Natalya launches herself over the chaos of the battlefield, guns blazing.

BRIKWARS Chapter 6: Minifig Heroes

BrikWars is a tabletop war game where players brikawrs turns maneuvering their units around a battlefield with the intention of causing unspeakable imaginary violence and horror on the enemy teams. Anyone spotted or heard using Parkour! Leonidus, commander and final survivor of the Vol detachment to Praetoria, falls to the combined attacks of Blood Daemons.

Just as Vergilus Raskolnikov prepares to conquer the Britannian planet of Wraysford, My Little Pwnies swoop in from the FriendZone dimension to crash their own home planet of Ekvestria into it. The attacker rolls 2 Damage.

If necessary, the attacking player declares what order successful Attacks are delivered in, and makes Damage rolls as necessary. The Infiltrator’s player is free brikwarrs select any non-unique corpse to have retroactively been the dead Infiltrator, or to declare that the Infiltrator called in sick that day. It can’t be a lasting thing. Nrikwars minifigs can use their free hand to wield a Short-sized weapon, Shield, or equipment item. Despite brikwara hypnotizing power of minifig butts, mooning the enemy has not been shown to have any practical effect.

The Spirit of the Game can all boost the Damage from an attack. Before rolling for Damage, handle any effects based on the quantity of Damage dice. When checking a rule isn’t worth the effort, it’s better to axe a stupid question than to get the stupid answer.

Specialties are special abilities, features, or skills that change the rules for a particular brjkwars or other unit. Praetoria Army Overview imgur.


Any Attacking or Counterattacking units make their Attack rolls, counting the number of successes for each weapon type. Refer to The Law of Fudge later in this chapter. Because Explosive Size is determined by bricks rather than inches 8. This keeps everyone at the table explicitly aware of what makes the game most fun for everyone else, and the more freely they hand out Bennies, the more freely they’re likely to receive them in return – unless they’re playing with a bunch of total lame-asses, in which case it’s better to find out about it sooner rather than later, so they can forget to invite them next time.


If a Squad is hit by enough Close Combat Attacks to exceed this limit, the minifigs will have to be passed over after the third attacker when distributing successful hits. In the advanced rules Book Two: Players who achieve these objectives receive a special in-game bonus – reinforcements, Bennies, or special events. These blasphemers are opposed by purist orders of Legiti Knights and fraternal legions of BrikMasons who devote themselves to acts of brutal oppression and self-righteous douchebaggery in the name of an unseen Great Builder.

Six-sided dice may be good enough for regular minifigs, but Heroes demand a higher standard. In a tight battle where initiative is a decisive factor, players can draft for who goes first. Active Squad Ignores or Withdraws If the active Squad was attempting to Nrikwars or Withraw and has at least one member still standing, it has succeeded in its attempt.

The power of fudge overrides all laws. If players decide that a Hero’s Heroic Speech is Heroic enough to ignore this rule, then they can decide to allow it, despite the unbelievable lameness of Speech Feats. Units in the active Squad may attempt to Parry incoming Counterattacks or Bail out of the way. They won’t know what level of rule-minding you’re most comfortable with if you don’t tell them.

My rifle is my best friend. The players resolve the effects of the Maneuver and the Counters. Kidko from ” Zombie Survival “. Money has little purpose in the BrikVerse, apart from the briwars of all things in the BrikVerse:

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