Redirect to: Anders Behring Breivik#Manifesto · To a section: This is a redirect from a topic that does not have its own page to a section of a page on the subject. A 1,page “manifesto” recently published online, entitled A European Declaration of Independence, has been attributed to Anders. The manifesto, bylined by someone calling himself Andrew Berwick, is entitled ” A European Declaration of Independence” and was posted bears a great resemblence to online comments attributed to Anders Breivik.

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Retrieved 21 August The recruited European mujahideen were reportedly often more fanatic than Arab Muslims.

Anders Behring Breivik’s Complete Manifesto “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence”

Retrieved 27 March Since adolescence, Breivik had spent much time on weight training, and started using anabolic steroids. Perhaps Islamisation will jolt Europe and the US back into proper cooperation.

In these modern times, the state more or less breivuk the church: He starts by noting that the House of Lords has reported the economic impact of immigration is minimal and has concluded that it ought to be capped as economic benefit of mass immigration is zero.

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One of the above scenarios is likely to happen before the end of Phase 2 or in Phase 3. Fjordman details in the last pages why Eurabia is a utopian idea doomed to fail: Criticism that Christianity itself is too pacifist or too militant is, however, unfounded. Breivik was kept at Ila Prison after arrest. A speech by Bat Ye’or that debunks the myth of peaceful coexistence in Andalusia, the Balkans and Lebanon.


‘Breivik manifesto’ details chilling attack preparation – BBC News

Storrvik compared Breivik’s position as a Catch situation: Archived from the original on 22 April They had to get rescued by a fisherman and they took 80 minutes to get there. Fjordman is particularly concerned over the recent attempts by various Western corporations to appease Islamic demands for sharia censorship regarding the Danish cartoons and the Wilders movie in Holland. The play Manifesto examines the narcissistic world of Norwegian mass killer, Anders Breivik. He has been enrolled since in the bachelor’s degree program in political science at the University of Oslowith a prison official providing him with materials; he does not have internet access.

I lit the fuse, went out of range and waited.

Anders Behring Breivik – Wikipedia

The qualifications and responsibilities of a Justiciar Knight are to protect and serve Europe. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

It is also estimated that there are terrorist networks functioning in Britain today who are involved in at least 30 plots”.

Breivik’s tips to avoid ending up on intelligence watch lists: His trial began on 16 Aprilwith closing arguments made on 22 June A report by the House of Lords specifies “that the economic benefits of net immigration to the resident population are small and close to zero in the long run”.

Befriend a distant state while attacking a neighbour. Retrieved 25 July We must learn the doctrine of Islam, Adams argues, as knowledge of the doctrine is akin to having the “playbook” of the opposing team in a sporting match. History of Cultural Marxism – It developed with the Frankfurter Schule in the s, then it took over European universities in the s.

What did the Oslo killer want?

Breivik believed himself to be the “knight Justiciar grand master” of a Templar organisation. Make a sound in the east, then strike in the west.


In NovemberBreivik wrote a manifeato letter of complaint to the prison authorities about the security restrictions he was being held under, claiming that the prison director personally wanted to punish him. Fjordman explains that monarchs are better suited to rule than elected leaders because the former need to maintain a lifelong term. Retrieved 5 December In letters sent to Norwegian newspaper Dagen inBreivik said that he “is not, and has never been a Christian”, maifesto that he thinks there are few things in the world more “pathetic” than “the Jesus-figure and his message”.

In this chapter, Breivik provides further data from demographic warfare in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. On 23 Junea month before the attacks, he paid the outstanding amount on his nine credit cards so he could have access to funds during his preparations. Kramer 25 July The most civilised thing we can do in order to save ourselves, but also to limit the loss of life among both Muslims and non-Muslims, is for Westerners and indeed infidels in general to implement a policy of containment of the Islamic world.

Defensive spikes Breivik explains his idea to construct a defensive spike called Tepes Revenge. The discussion includes the Cultural Marxist restrictions to freedom of speech and of student rights at certain universities use of facilities. Hindu and Muslim governments still deny the genocide that took place over the Hindu Kush.

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