Bosc Monitor Care Sheet. The Bosc or Savannah Monitor (Varanus exanthematicus) is a large species of monitor lizard native to Africa. The Bosc Monitor. A proper Savannah Monitor diet would consist of Roaches, Crickets, Night Crawlers (Large earth worms) Mice, Rats, Snails, Garden slugs, Superworms and . Care Sheet – Bosc Monitor (Varanus exanthematicus) by john_gamesby in Types > Instruction manuals.

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This means providing light in just one area of the enclosure, while also providing hides and artificial plants, where your bosc monitor can retire if desirable.

If in doubt, ask the owner if he still car contact with the breeder and ask if you can have the details yourself. Also ensure you ask how well the specimen is eating and how often it feeds.

Bosc Monitor Care Sheet (Varanus exanthematicus) | Keeping Exotic Pets

Newspaper is also sometimes used for hatchlings. Failure to give your new monitor the proper levels and quality of UV could result in irreversible Metabolic Bone Disorder.

If you can locate someone breeding them, please buy a captive-bred animal. A water dish in which the monitor can fully soak is also essential. To mimic their wild environment, bosc monitors need a hot enclosure.

If your animal is hungry it will eat immediately, if it does; continue to put a couple of insect in every time it finishes. It has been concluded that chronic exposure to insufficient basking temeratures prohibits proper renal tubule function leading to kidney damage and failure over time.

I provide my bosc a seperate little water bowl for drinking as well as a large tray for his soaking. Bosc monitors are large, powerful lizards capable of digging and climbing.

The first of these, and arguably the most popular solution, is to use a heat lamp. Far more commonly, bosc monitors use their sharp, elongated claws to dig. It is also quite a cheap substrate and looks very natural.

Stop when your monitor appears full and stops chasing its food. The terrarium should have a conventional thermometer for checking air temperature, and serious keepers also obtain a laser temperature gun, which projects a thin beam of light onto a surface, such as soil or a rock, and displays the temperature on a screen.

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Pinkie and fuzzy mice can be offered but it is recommended to wait until the hatchlings are a bit larger and older. Try gently scratching him in different places and find where his favourite spots are, he should close his shfet and relax. After all, if the seller were to inform the buyers that the “cheap” lizard they were about to purchase was going to need a cage the size of a room with literally a ton of dirt in the bottom, it was going to eat several thousand dollars worth of bsoc and may never become “dog tame” they would not sell very many of them.


There are several approaches you can take in keeping a savannah monitor, and each reflects your intent for the lizard. Reptiles have adapted to living with strong UV radiation from above. Tree trunks, tree branches, and root stocks make excellent obstacles, hides, and climbing surfaces. Also, in cases where you opt to provide a UV light, your monitor should have ample opportunities to escape the glare.

Lean ground turkey is a welcome addition to any tegu diet as long as it is not the bulk of the diet. This is a long winded and foolish argument.

They are typically ground-dwelling lizards, though may occasionally climb when the desire arises. Page 1 sur sheeet. A drier environment is also preferable to more humid atmospheres, which can lead to health problems in bosc monitors. Monltor temperature for a single pet monitor should never be allowed to exceed degrees. Handling and taming your bosc Bosc monitors are known to be a first monitor, but shouldn’t be seen as an ideal first reptile.

Pieces of cooked chicken can be offered as a treat for enrichment as well as training in some individuals. Don’t be tempted to overfeed your bosc, he will only suffer and shorten his life.

Sexing Bosc monitors are sometimes classed as being difficult to sex but the hemipenal bumps underneath should indicate the sex of your bosc.

It is very important you guard any and all heating. Your animal may become reclusive and fail to feed properly. Savannah monitors are robust, hardy lizards that have relatively simple care requirements. UV lighting is vital to some reptiles for producing vitamin D3 which enambles them to digest calcium in their diet.


These care sheets are written by crae staff at Dare Plus and are how we would suggest caring for and keeping shest of the following animals. Boscs are wonderfully intelligent species. Bosc monitors are one of the more popular large lizard species kept in captivity. All heat sources should ideally be kept on a thermostat that allows for proper gradients while offering piece of mind to owners as well.

The rodents provide natural calcium via their bones and cartilage. Proper ventilation is important. To properly support your Savannah Monitor, a wide range of options is usually deemed the best way to raise a healthy animal, Quite honestly you simply cannot provide this with any size “fish tank”! Live montior are often destroyed by monitors and be sure to use safe, non-toxic plants.

Diet A hatchling bosc 3 -5 inches will be fed only on crickets and insects. Alternatively ceramic heaters may be used.

5 Tips For Keeping The Savannah Monitor

Remember – you bosc may look like he’s hungry but this species is a reday eater and will happily eat whatever it can until it can no longer eat any more. Lastly, giving your monitor the opportunity to dig around in their substrate, and even to take a nice long bath, will also help to add interest and to foster more natural behaviour in their captive environment.

Note that both heat lamps and ceramic heaters can get very hot indeed. Adults should be fed times a week depending on their body condition obese monitors should eat less often than under weight monitors.

All Savys should have their meals dusted with a calcium supplement and a multi-vitamin supplement used once to twice a week. Reptilekeepers generally employ high-wattage or special heat lamps focused on the basking site. Think before you buy, do your research and it could turn out to be one of the best pets you boxc buy. Pictures of her own bosc monitor will be added soon.

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