Biomining-A useful approach toward metal extraction Abstract: Biomining is the extraction of specific metals from their ores through .. Rawlings, D.E., Biomining [Douglas E. Rawlings, D. Barrie Johnson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Biomining uses microorganisms to recover metals, . Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Biomining is the biotechnology that uses Biomining – Kindle edition by Douglas E. Rawlings, D. Barrie Johnson.

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Copper Mining Using Acidothiobacillus

The influence of carbon dioxide concentration in liquid medium on elemental sulphur oxidation by Thiobacillus biomning. Theory, Microbes and Industrial Processes.

Table 2 shows some correlations of this type.

This review discusses theoretical and pragmatic aspects of assembling microbial consortia to process different mineral ores and concentrates, and the challenges for using constructed consortia in non-sterile industrial-scale operations. In the specific field of tank bioleaching, Acevedo and Aroca present a comparative study of the effect of pulp density and aeration rate on the critical agitation speed when using three type of turbines: The pitched blade turbine gave the lowest critical speeds, pointing to the fact that that the presence of an axial component in the flow is positive for solids suspension.

For instance, for the biooxidation of enargite Cu 3 AsS 4 from a refractory gold concentrate the following equation applies, considering an experimental value of 0.


Intracellular Antibodies Antonino Cattaneo. On the other hand, biooxidation implies the bacterial oxidation of reduced sulfur species accompanying the metal of interest, as in the biooxidation of refractory gold minerals.

Biomining : Theory, Microbes and Industrial Processes

State of the art and prospects of bacterial tank leaching in the production of non-ferrous and rare metals. The CSTR is an ideal conception that implies a completely mixed content that presents no gradients, so the value of each variable is the same at every point within the liquid.

This situation affects the selection of the reactor. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. In an actual bioleaching operation, a similar stoichiometric representation rawlngs be made. Retrieved from ” https: The Chuquicamata copper mine in Chile producedtons of fine copper in While careful considerations raslings made in the design and engineering of biomining rawlngs, microbiological aspects have been subjected to far less scrutiny and control.

Comparison of bacterial reactors employed in the oxidation of sulphide concentrates. Shake flask to fermentor: This paper reviews the basis of reactor selection and design for bioleaching processes. Sydney, Australia, 4 th -6 th August. The bioleaching process can be represented by a stoichiometric equation Acevedo, ; Acevedo and Gentina, In reactors these gases are usually supplied by bubbling air into the liquid.

The use of reactors in biomining processes | Acevedo | Electronic Journal of Biotechnology

As shown in Table 4most of them use stirred tank reactors to process flotation concentrates, although a few use heaps for low-grade ores and tailings. Bioleaching of refractory gold concentrates at high pulp densities in a nonconventional rotating-drum reactor.


Research in Microbiology Elsevier Rawlings DE Heavy metal mining using microbes. The effect of mixing impeller geometry and pumping direction on solids suspension homogeneity.

For several decades the use of disk turbines or Rushton turbines have been common in industrial fermentors. Extractive Metallurgy of Gold and Base Metals.

Biomining – Google Books

Chapters have been written by personnel from leading biomining companies, consultants and internationally recognized researchers and academics. The use of reactors will most probably extended to the bioleaching of other metals, such as copper. Although it has been proposed that rswlings bacterium produces enzymes which directly mediate the reaction, studies have shown that iron is the only metal ion used to produce energy Mignone and Donati The critical speed increased with aeration and the pulp density showed a minor effect.

Foreign Gene Expression in Fission Yeast: Engineering considerations in bioleach reactor design. By using our website you agree to our use biominihg cookies. Microbial processes are gaining increasing interest in the mining industry.

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