Fundamentos da Clínica by Paul Bercherie, , Jorge Zahar edition, Paperback in Portuguese – 1 edition. Paul Bercherie Los fundamentos de la clínica. 1 like. Book. Fundamentos de La Clinica: Paul Bercherie: Books – Amazon. ca.

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In the new beercherie, the diagnosis of schizophrenia is now based on two essential criteria: Regarding psychoanalysis, here we refer to the situation left by Freud, who despite maintaining a theoretical and clinical interest in psychosis, considered it inaccessible for psychoanalysis.

Fundamentos da Clínica

Our emphasis lies in its recent transformations in terms of the description and classification of diseases and their consequences for the comprehension of the major mental illness, psychosis. On a collective level, this contributed to the engenderment of identity groups, bringing together subjects identified by the fact that they hercherie to a certain pathology p. What is at stake is the same distinction mentioned previously, which we will now call by the contrast of deficit versus structure: Instead of following the neurotic-psychotic dichotomy, the disorders are fundamfntos arranged in groups according to major common themes or ls likenesses, which makes for increased convenience of use.

Revista Tempo Freudianon. The abandonment of the strong nosographic entities of the psychiatric tradition in favor of a classification which is allegedly error-free is full of consequences in the clinic.

This favored the view that psychosis is a phenomenon which is always disruptive, and that its treatment addresses rearranging what the break threw into disarray. However, they have ckinica particular form of existence, existing outside the general symbolization that structures the subject, outside any symbolization that would allow the subject to have them as the elements of his subjectivity.

In all these clinical manifestations of psychosis, we can recognize a subject with the inability to integrate and develop these dimensions of the human, but who is still concerned with them. By reducing psychosis to a deficit-type condition or to the occurrence of accessory delusions and hallucinations, not only a clinical ignorance of this condition created, but an berchrie is produced that separates it from our own condition.

Revista Latinoamericana de Psicopatologia Fundamentalv. The hallucinations, delusions, and corporal occurrences of psychosis, according to a Lacanian reading, come in place of the symbolic climica of these elements, which is impossible for the subject.

That is to say, psychosis and neurosis are functional logics to which the subject is submitted. The first is the medicalization of conditions which had previously been associated with subjectivity, such as anxiety, sadness, obsessive thoughts, phobias, sexual behaviors and others — all of which had previously been approached from the framework of the neuroses as conceived by psychoanalysis.

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Names like melancholy and paranoia were abandoned in favor of depressive disorder mild, moderate, or severe, with or without somatic symptoms, with or without psychotic symptoms and persistent delusional disorder, respectively. In the matter of the psychosis, armed with this key of understanding, Freud was able to formulate that paranoid delusion inflected these same elements, but did not know how to explain why they did not appear in the psychological interiority of a subject who could be grappling with his desire, but, instead, appeared disconnected from reality, in the form of a delusion in which the subject was always placed as an object of persecution, of delusional love, of sexual intent, of a voice in a hallucination that always injures, threatens or commands etc.


How can we make this diversity compatible with the assumption that psychosis is unique? Psychosis is not dementia.

Paul Bercherie (Author of Fundamentos de La Clinica)

Along with the abandonment of this conception and the opposition between neurosis and psychosis, the categories which had expressed the terms for psychiatry in culture for a whole century were also abandoned: Psychosis as a fundajentos of psychiatry The notion of psychosis was the category that determined psychiatry for almost two centuries. At the end of the study period, participants are evaluated to see if their symptoms have improved, to assess whether the medication has a therapeutic efficacy that is statistically superior to the placebo.

It is instead to emphasize the consequences of the formal reduction of psychosis to schizophrenia, which seems to remain as the last notion of psychiatry that may, due to its symbolic weight, still bwrcherie able to remind society of the gravity of madness.

It begs the question: It is not by chance that the only clinixa currently recognized as psychosis schizophrenia is a deficient condition which offers a biological interpretation, pharmacological action, and rehabilitation activities that can be both generous actions of social inclusion and at the same time can shift the balance toward a practice of normalization and adaptation, depending on the interpretation.

The division between neurosis and psychosis is abandoned, as it implies an act of naming that extends beyond an empirical statement:. The near-ubiquity of schizophrenia in the current psychiatric clinic of psychosis, particularly in the field of fundaentos health, forces us to use this category to address patients and clinical flinica that, in some situations, would be much better elucidated by other references of the psychiatric tradition. Healy, ; Aguiar, Obras completasv. Fundamento fact that schizophrenia has encompassed almost everything that still is considered as psychosis has relegated to oblivion several important semiological references and accurate descriptions of the various clinical forms of psychoses.

The unity of the psychoses based on the structural elements that delineate their specificity has been lost, along with the clinical rigor that required psychiatrists to pursue the presentation of symptoms and particularities of evolution in every patient, in an attempt to locate the moments of psychosis and the terms with which it was equated cf. Nouvelles perspectives pour le diagnostic psychiatrique: Generally, schizophrenic psychosis is understood to mean bercherif set of disorders dominated by discordance, ideoverbal incoherence, ambivalence, autism, delusional ideas, poorly systematized hallucinations, and profound affective disturbances in the sense of detachment and strangeness of feelings — disorders that tend to evolve into a deficit and a dissociation of personality Ey, Bernard, Brisset, s.


Puntualizaciones psicoanaliticas sobre un caso de paranoia Dementia paranoides descrito autobiograficamente. Bleuler, entre psychiatrie et psychanalyse?

Os fundamentos da clínica: história e estrutura do saber psiquiátrico – ScienceOpen

In the words of Lacanp. We hope to be able to approach this discussion at a later time. This is indicated by psychiatrists themselves.

The third consequence, which we will fundamebtos in detail, is the reduction of psychosis to schizophrenia; in other words, schizophrenia became the only condition which is currently recognized as psychotic. Psychosis went on to be the most suitable object of psychiatry, separating neurological diseases pertaining to neurology on the one hand, from the neuroses, which became the area where Freudian dd excelled.

How each one tells us about the way he or she faces their issues. Bleulerp. We will recall its fundamental bases that are sufficient for the argument we are pursuing here. During this same period, Magnan distinguished the mixed states organic brain lesions, senile dementia, neuroses [hysteria], epilepsy, alcoholism etc.

APA,p. Within the limits of this study, we will say clinifa while neurosis which is also our normality is the structure formed by interiorization, by the subject, of the injunctions established by the symbolic system father, generational chain, sexual differencepsychosis corresponds to the situation where the subject fundmaentos create a psychological interiority from these dimensions, a symbolized experience of himself. For an initial approach, we refer to Cinicap. We will attempt to indicate, within both the description of diseases and psychiatric classification, how current leanings make psychosis more difficult to recognize, except when disruptive or deficit-related symptoms occur.

To do this, the DSM and then the ICD declared themselves to be atheoretical, excluding the categories dde involved theoretical and psychodynamic assumptions and intending to base classification exclusively on symptoms that could be empirically observed and quantified. As a contemporary of Kraepelin and Bleuler, Freudp. The functional adjustment itself is positive, but the clinical reading of psychotic phenomena as a kind of signature of the subject cannot be left out.

Nuevas puntualizaciones sobre las neuropsicosis de defensa.

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