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Béla Balázs

Our anthropomorphous world-vision makes us see a human physiognomy in every phenomenon. The clothes and household goods of a man permit a sure conclusion to be drawn as to his character.

The arguments the nuns use to persuade the girl are presented to the audience in two short titles and tlieir essence is that as she is a whore anyway one man more or less would make no diference to her; on the other hand she would be acting in a way to please God if she slept with the German.

Why did Hollywood rather than Paris first hit on the new and specific forms of expression of the ablazs art? No lighting effects could have done it if the camera could not have been moved in relation to the object.

Custom spreads a veil over our eyes. Don’t have an account? The suspense is exciting. If someone wants to tell a lie and is a capable liar, his words will serve him almost to perfection.

It had to be enacted in fiom of the camera, otherwise it could not have been photographed. Did the academies set up research groups?

Nothing shows in his indifferent face of what we know is ravaging his heart.

THEORY OF THE FILM : BELA BALAZS : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The escapism which, almost from the start, was the dominant tendency in the bourgeois film was here fillm a new direction. The money for the orphanages has to come from the manufacturer’s fac- tories, so he reduces wages.


The answer to this question is: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In it I hailed the silent film as a turning- point in our cultural history, not suspecting that the sound film would soon come to oust it.

As we cannot sense things outside space and time, so we cannot see them without physiog- nomy. Machine translation like Deepl or Google Translate is a useful starting point for translations, but translators must revise errors as necessary and confirm that the translation is accurate, rather than simply copy-pasting machine-translated text into the Baoazs Wikipedia.

The fhe inner contradictions of the sound film arc manifested among other ba,azs in the fact that nearly every director prefers to avoid much speaking and wants scripts in which there is as little dialogue as possible.

But what he did was neverthe- less only photographed theatre.

The silent film helped people to become physically accus- tomed to each other and was about to create tbe international human type. Herein lies the psychological act of Identification’. The decorative, out-of-the-ordinary face now seemed a mask and no longer seemed attractive.

In the silent film the way in which an actor moved his mouth in speaking was also a means of facia! Finally Linder crawls along on all fours, completely hidden by the tub. The artist could present in its primary form of manifestation the souFs bodily incarna- tion in gesture or feature.


This page has been accessed 3, times. But the personahty of the film-maker can manifest itself in one thing only: We understood what was meant when a man hissed balwzs words from between clenched teeth, or spat them out like the darting tongue of a poisonous snake.


Film distribution in Greece: The theoretically expert members of film societies have a different task: The gestures of visual man are not intended to convey cinicepis which can be expressed in words, but such inner experiences, such non-rational emotions which would still remain un- expressed when everything that can be told has been lokL Such teory lie in the deepest levels of the soul and cannot be approached by words that arc mere reflexions of concepts; just as our musical experiences cannot be expressed in ration- alized concepts.

Not always and not immediately do balzzs know what it is intended to convey.

Full text of “Theory of the Film – Bela Balazs”

Sign In Forgot password? He was a proponent of formalist film theory. No man wants to be the first to step out balaas to the deserted platform. The anatomy of an English aristocrat’s face may bear a noble, handsome expression, the physiognomy of an ancient racial culture.

Because I believe that we have now come to such a doubling back in the development of the film, when the already once accomplished and then again lost achievements of the silent film are about to be revalued and restored, I want to quote here what I wrote in about the silent film: Even now we often meet filn the paradoxical situa- tion that in the good acting of a good actor things appear perfectly natural, while the photographed reproduction of actual reality does tue seem natural at all, as for instance in snapshots of a running man or horse.

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