Being Zen has ratings and 40 reviews. Graham said: A great book for applying Zen/Buddhist principles to everyday life.: For over three years I’ve bee. Ezra Bayda is a Zen teacher affiliated with the Ordinary Mind Zen School, having received formal dharma transmission from Charlotte Joko Beck. A student of. The paradox of Zen is that learning to just live in the present requires lots of hard work. In Being Zen, seasoned Zen teacher Ezra Bayda unpacks this paradox.

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In discussing distress, he breaks the practice into four, but I do not see why the categories would not work for any of the situations he describes. Also see “Saying yes ti life” and “At home in muddy waters”. Then beong can awaken to the loving-kindness that is at the heart of our being. The goal of practice is not to shave off those conditioned responses, like barnacles off a ship–that’s impossible–but to become aware of them, so that they do not have so much power over us Here, he is grafting on an obvious interest in Tibetan forms of Buddhism, though he doesn’t acknowledge it very much.

Nov 18, Jon Cooper rated it liked veing. Trivia About Being Zen: It is this core pain that can make our life a living hell. But Bayda offers clear instruction, as a teacher pointing the way toward Ultimate Clarity should.


However, the true “nuts and bolts” of Buddhism practice can be found most directly in Zen.

Zen Mind, Beginner Mind, right? Jun 02, Matthew Gantt rated it it was amazing. We appreciate your bfing. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

You can also subscribe without commenting. Discover what to read next. Saying Yes to fear is the opposite of what we usually do, which is to run away veing it.

The Power of Control Thought. Want to Read saving…. Lighting the Lamp Within. Ezra Bayda has most succinctly given the best instruction of how to apply Zen to one’s life where we need it the most; during those moments when we are gripped with our core pain.

Jan 21, Geri Degruy rated it it was amazing. I remember when I first started my spiritual journey I had the strong expectation that practice would free me from anxiety and fear.

I know Zen is impossible to put into words, but ultimately what this book does is only give some taste of Zen, but doesn’t get you started or provide a cultural and historical introduction that I feel is necessary to understand this branch of Buddhism. Dec 22, Jeremy rated it it was amazing Shelves: One could read the last section without the previous two, and understand most everything.


Saying Yes to Fear | Ezra Bayda | Sweeping Zen

While I am not a practitioner of Buddhism, I found this book to be very enlightening and many of the lessons to be applicable just in every day life, thoughts and behaviors. Jun 03, Danny Martin rated it really liked it. Core pain is comprised of our anger, traumas, sadness, feelings of inferiority, etc.

Good luck to you on the path. He sees fixing problems as often a way of avoiding the motional work that their presence implies. In a way, every time we give in to fear, we cease to live ezrz. At Home in the Muddy Water. Remarkably, the episode of falling through the thin ice was very short.

Ezra Bayda, Teacher

Like many drawn to the meditative practices, he has experienced chronic disease. He emphasizes that this is an experiential event, not a thinking one: Sitting with whatever that comes is the practice.

Another reviewer said “Where’s the Zen” in reference to the contents of this book. It tells us to not go beyond the outer edge of our cocoon.

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