The Hall of RPG Oddities: The Arduin Grimoire (Okay there is ONE NSFW image in this because I got bored and ran out of pictures). Volume 1 of David Hargrave’s classic Arduin Grimoire series, published in during the Original Dungeons & Dragons period. Old-school D&D at its best!. Often you’ll hear old gamers enthuse about this booklet. Just as often you’ll hear somebody vituperate it as useless. Maybe both are correct.

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Return to Book Page. I grimoiee to read your Balanced Sword books the instant I can lay hands on a copy. He would spew out the amazing ideas, the elaborate tables, imaginative monsters, new spells and artifacts, then his editor would whip the resulting chaotic jumble into something resembling a coherent final book.

There is little doubt that Arduin strongly arudin my development of Zarathan, especially early on although Zarathan went its own direction as time went on. Arduin, by its very nature was and remains lethal in the extreme. Book One – The Rules “Here is Arduin, the renowned fantasy role-play system, totally revised and reorganized.

A Paladin In Citadel: The Arduin Grimoire As ODnD Supplement

Sorry, your blog cannot grimoir posts by email. Bob, Thanks for the kind words. It was and remains the nature of the world and the game system itself. Grmoire box set contains the rulebook; a cover sheet with the back cover blurb reprinted; character sheets; 2 sheets of 8 cut-outs depicting various magic items. But no one cared about his rules. David Hargrave negotiated with TSR about two points. Arduin is a fictional universe and fantasy role-playing system created in the mids by David A.


Under the Influence: The Arduin Grimoires

Views Read Edit View history. For the historical king of Italy, see Arduin of Ivrea. Nader is currently reading it Dec 16, Created by Hargrave as a tongue-in-cheek tribute, the adventure itself was essentially a quest to gain life-prolonging treasure while avoiding Mazmanian’s wandering Avataran extremely powerful Lich -like entity who would either attack or help a party on random percentage roll.

I similarly borrowed the Arduin books and copied parts of them as well — since they were written in more or less stream of consciousness style, broken up into individual sections and horrifically organized see belowit was easy to copy only those portions of the books that interested me, such as the pages that had naked women on them.

Then we get into one of the more bizarre rules that Arduin presents. Within those pages — printed in a font very nearly microscopic — lay everything from new character classes the Star Powered Mage, the Techno, and others to unique new monsters, magical items, demons, special abilities charts, critical hit charts, and even general musings on the “art” of gamemastering.

The Arduin Trilogy covers. November 30, at Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The Arduin Trilogy is recommended only for those players with some experience in Adventure Gaming and looking for even more challenge and enjoymenL For novice players, we recommend the “Arduin Adventure” to learn the true path to fame, glory and adventure. The subjects are broadly grouped together, but within these sections, topics are presented willy-nilly with no regard for order.


Hargrave removed that foreword from later editions.

The Arduin books gave us material ranging from the hilarious giant ridable Saint Bernards called “Bigglies” to the epic and terrifying the Curse of Tindalos, that called down the Lovecraftian Hounds of Tindalos upon its target and sometimes both at once. February 13, at Candy Wyman marked it as to-read Aug 30, I still have the originals downstairs, battered and falling apart, and the big black hardcover Arduin book as well.

After this rejection, Rgimoire struck out on his own, publishing the supplements himself, and the rest his history. Arduin Fantasy role-playing games Science fiction role-playing games Horror role-playing games Role-playing games introduced in In all honesty, none of the Grimoires show signs that anyone other than Dave Hargrave worked on them.

Once subversive, the Arduin Grimoire’s influence reaches today’s games

A wonderfully scented gentle wind blows melodious music within the spell area, which immediately charms all up to 6th level into sitting and listening raptly. Comprehensive rules for the use of grimoure. His is also the original design for the Arduin “Shield” now featured by Emperor’s Choice Games and Miniatures as their trademark.

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