fication: Sanskrit Essays ds: Apastamba- Grihya-Sutra ds: Sastri, va. THE SRAUTASUTRA OF APASTAMBA. by NARASIMHACHARI. Publication date Collection universallibrary. Contributor SVCLRC. Language Sanskrit. Of these sutra-s, it is Apastamba’s sutra-s which are most widely in practice Apastamba Shrauta Sutra with Four Commentries in Sanskrit (Set of Five Volumes).

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Yaga-s have been the important part of our Dharmic life since olden days. But [I, Apastamba, say], let only a skin be worn as the upper garment. As authority for the equal division he gives the first of the two Vedic passages quoted above; and for the doctrine that the eldest is to receive the best part of the estate, he quotes the second passage which Apastamba considers to be without the force of an injunction.

He shall not drink water standing or bent forwards.

The agreement of Apastamba with the modern writers on this point, furnishes, an additional argument that he belongs to the later Vedic schoolmen. The Sutra refers to a naisthika brahmacarin or professed student, who never leaves his teacher’s family, and never enters any other order; and it declares his merit to be sansjrit equal to that of one who becomes a householder.

The 27 th the rules for the performance of the latter 3. If you want to promote our website please write an introduction and post a link to it on your blog or website. The passage of the latter work, which he quotes, is even taken from the same book in which the story about Svetaketu and Ganaka occurs.

If the teacher is absent, the student [shall offer the food] to [a member of] the teacher’s family. Baudhayana gives no explicit rule on this point, but the wording of his Sutras is not opposed to the doctrine sabskrit practice, to which Apastamba objects.

Wutra fact the words Yajur and Yaga are from the same root ‘yaj’. Wedding, rites, sex, food, respect for guests, post-school studies, charity, lawful occupations, remarriage, child custody, responsibilities to daughters and sons, inheritance.

Full text of “apastamba__dharma_grihya_sutras – with English notes- rangarAmAnujAchArI editor”

Because the word “death” is used here, death only is the reason [for stopping the study], in the case of Gurus and the rest [ie. About the Book Apastambasrautasutra is an important work belonging to the Kalpa category of the Vedanga texts. A Vaisya shall salute stretching forth his arm on a level with his middle, ie.


Dharma — ‘acts productive of merit,’ usually translated by ‘duty or law,’ is more accurately defined as an act which produces the state called apurva, the cause of heavenly bliss and of final liberation. He also gives an apasgamba different explanation to the Sutra, which, according to some, means, ‘A student who learns the Veda shall not fast in order to obtain heaven’.

But this second passage, he contends, appealing to the opinion of the Mimamsakas, is, like many similar ones, merely a statement of a fact which has not the authority of an injunction. The number is the same as that which is considered the correct one in our days 7. For as many years as there are uninitiated persons, reckoning [one year] for each ancestor [and the person to be initiated himself], saptabhih pavamanTbhir “yad anti yac ca duraka” iti etdbhir yajus pavitrena sdma pavitrena-dhgirasena-iti 1 1 2 1 1 2.

That is to say in these terms ‘I hope that you have not lost any cattle or property!

Introduction to the Apastamba Sutras

Hrimdn II 20 II Please note that your card will be active in the system for 30 days. The Vedic ritual is mainly of two types: This Sutra is a jnapaka or ‘such a one which indicates the existence of a rule not expressly mentioned. Some of his thought provoking theses are following: There can be no doubt that the south of India was conquered by the Aryans, and has been brought within the pale of Brahmanical civilisation much later than India north of the Vindhya range.

E, and if his statement regarding Svetaketu is appastamba into account, the lower limit for the composition of his Sutras must be put further back by years. Some forbid it only in case one has eaten a funeral meal. Some declare, without apastsmba reference to caste, that the staff of a student should be made of the wood of a tree [that is fit to be used at the sacrifice].

The Apastamba-grihya-sutra

Nor at night with open doors, diva ca- apihite 1 1 79 1 1 And [the teacher holds also the place which] the ahavaniya fire occupies [at a sacrifice, because a portion of the alms is offered in the fire of his stomach]. On linguistic grounds it seems Apastamba cannot be placed later than the third century B.

In the same manner the use of “hot” water only is usually forbidden in the Smrtis. Saptame brahma-varcasa kamam II 21 II After eating, one should clean one’s own bowl. They are the requiting of the spiritual debts rnas occurred through taking birth on this planet: If the student wears two garments, he shall wear the upper one after the fashion of the sacred thread at the sacrifices. Items Related to Apastamba-Srauta-Sutra: The existence of this tradition, which to the present day prevails among the learned Brahmans of Western India and Benares, may be substantiated by a passage from the above-mentioned commentary of the Karanavyuha ,which, though written in barbarous Sanskrit, and of quite modern origin, possesses great interest, because its description of the geographical distribution of the Vedas and Vedic schools is not mentioned elsewhere.


Among these, each preceding [caste] is superior by birth to the one following. Many Thanks for all Your superb quality Artworks at unbeatable prices.

Sanskrit was not and cannot be a popular language. One should receive holy water in two hands – the right held above the left. A student who studies the sacred knowledge shall not dwell with anybody else [other than his teacher].

Apastamba Dharmasutra – Wikipedia

Apastamba and Baudhayana That Apastamba is younger than Baudhayana may be proven by the following considerations. Duties of a teacher Next the teacher’s conduct towards his pupil. One shall not eat food offered [at a sacrifice to the gods or the Manes], tathd ksdra-lavana madhu mdmsdni II 23 II Du bon travail, je reviendrai sur votre site! For after the student has settled as a householder, he is ordered by the Veda, to perform the daily rites.

II, 6, 13, 13, and II, 6, 14, 1 xxii: By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. It has been stated that according to Sutra 4, ‘No Rishis are born among the Avaras, the men of later ages, on account of the apastwmba transgression of the rules of studentship;’ and that according to Sutra 5, apastzmba in their new birth become similar to Rishis by their knowledge of the Veda srutarshi through a residue of merit acquired in former existences.

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