Is it possible to print XLS, HTML, or RTF reports using Apache FOP? If not, is there another open source or free print server that will do this?. “JFOR, an open source XSL-FO to RTF converter has been integrated into Apache FOP. This will create an RTF (rich text format) document that will attempt to. FOP can render to PDF as well as SVG, PS, RTF. The result of rendering with default font. Mar 22, AM

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Thus, using RTF output is only recommended for simple documents such as letters. Multibyte characters are not supported.

The default value for the “rendering” setting is “true”.

Apache™ FOP Output Formats

Licensed under Apache License 2. Well, I select the Word2FO. It is highly likely it is not supported. Setting it to “true” will automatically rotate landscape pages and will mark them as landscape.

Apache FOP Output Formats

But not all environments handle these colors correctly. Users have reported that the optimal settings to avoid such spacing problems are:. The default value for the “language-level” setting is apaxhe. If the SVG is viewed on a system where the fonts are different, such as another platform, then the page may look xpache. Also note that it is good to see that after two years of apparent comatose existence, FOP has regained consciousness with this 0.

Users have reported that the optimal settings to avoid such spacing problems are: The default value for the “disable-pjl” setting is “false”. One workaround is to use Adobe Acrobat the full version, not the Reader to process the file manually or with scripting that it supports. This is actually a pretty tough rrtf.


Kindly suggest some alternative or solution…. At the moment, only monochrome output is supported. I decided to give it a spin. An outline font configuration is simpler as the individual font size entries are not required. The default value for the “text-rendering” setting is “auto” which paints the base fonts using PCL fonts. However, to make AFP output work on older environments it is recommended to set to configuration to 1 bit per pixel see below on how to do this.

AFP has grown in functionality over time and not every environment supports the latest features. Support for native image formats e.

It is possible to directly create bitmap images from the individual pages apaache by the layout engine. This will create an RTF rich text format document that will attempt to contain as much information from the fo document as possible. It is possible to directly print the document from the command line. In general, things that should print to the left of the printable area are shifted to the right so that they start at the left edge of the printable area.

I am not able to quickly gather from this XSL-FO content whether the conversion was successful and complete. The no-operation extension element can only occur within a simple-page-master. We’re looking for volunteers to help us implement them. Just clean up that browser support code!

The name and value attributes are apachd. By default, all manually configured fonts are embedded, unless they are matched in the referenced-fonts section of the configuration file.

Apache™ FOP Output Formats

If you run into the problem that the printed output is incomplete on Windows: Because FOP lays the text onto a grid during layout, there are frequently extra or missing spaces between characters and lines, which is generally unsatisfactory.

In cases were the IBM font files are not available the base-uri attribute in the afp-font element can be replaced by a basefont attribute giving the name of the matching Base14 font. This setting may override any setting made using the “color-mode”. Configuration The PCL renderer configuration currently allows the following settings: Previously, the location of the font files was given by the “path” attribute.


This can be used to produce thumbnails or little preview images of the individual pages. Currently, only and dpi are supported which should be enough for most use cases. So, we made a simple java program which calls OO service and makes conversion on IAS kind of odt2pdf. No image transparency is available.

However we lost a couple of details. Your Javascript alert that says that my browser which it identifies as Mozilla might not be supported is annoying and excludes thousands of people that refuse to use MSIE.

Apache FOP Output Formats

The default value for the “background-color” setting is “white”. The formatting objects to be rendered are then mapped to this grid.

The net effect is that the layout of a given FO document can be quite different between renderers that do not use the same font information. In this mode, no special borders dotted, dashed etc. Usually, “0” is rtd, “1” is duplex long-edge binding”2″ is duplex short-edge binding. If the SVG is viewed on a system where the fonts are different, such as another platform, then the page may look wrong.

Here is a list of possible values:. Some of the formatting supported by XSL-FO, but not by CSS, includes right-to-left and top-to-bottom text, footnotes, margin notes, page numbers in cross-references, and more.

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