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We do not know when the Pleistocene period exactly began, but human re- mains associated with stone tools have been dated m east Africa as early as 3,5 million years ago In India the first human occupation, as suggested by stone tools, is not earlier than the Middle Pleistocene, which perhaps began about Ancient India – L.

These fragments, when read together, furnish valuable information not only about the system of Maur- ya administration but also about social classes and economic activities in the Maurya period. Soon the Kurus occupied Delhi and the upper portion of the doab, the area called Kurukshetra or the land of the Kurus Gradually they coalesced with a people called the Panchalas, who occupied the middle portion of the doab The authority of the Kuru- Panehala people spread over Delhi and the upper and middle parts of the doab.

Nor can we say anything about the religious beliefs of the Harappans without being able to read their script. The third important position is occupied by Varuna who personified water.

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They were used mainly for war and hunting, and also for ornaments. The use of rice is recommended in rituals, but: But excellent information on ancient Indian history.

Surely a great book from prof R. In Kahbangan many houses had their wells. They produced not only images and utensils but also various tools and weapons such as axes, saws, knives and spears.

This tree continues to be prog.r.s.sharma to this day. No hoe or ploughshare has been discovered, but the furrows discovered in the pre-Harappan phase at Kalibangan show that the fields were indka in Rajasthan in the Uarappan peiiod The Harappans probably used 1 the wooden ploughshare.

Ancient India R S Sharma Pdf Download Old NCERT

In any case in the upper portion of the doab, in the upper Gangetic basin, the Metal Age really begins with the settlements of the copper- using oclue-coloured pottery people How- ever, at no place did these settlements last for mote than a century or so; nor were they considerable in size and spread over a very wide territory, Why and how these settle- ments came to an end is not clear, but the sanctity and religious purity attached to copper vessels, utensils, etc.


Even today, when – such a bull passes in the market streets the pious Indians give way to it, Similarly the animals surrounding Pasupati Mahadeva indicate that these were worshipped.

So far only a few finds of the Late Stone Age 4. However, there is no’ doubt about the Aryan successes, and these came because the Aryans possessed chariots driven by horses, and introduced them ‘for the first time into West Asia and India, The Aryan soldiers ware probably equipped also With coats of mail varmari and better arms. This texL was put m its final form in the beginning of the Christian era, but its earliest portions leflect the state of society and economy m the age of the Mauiyas It provides iich material for the study of ancient Indian polity and economy.

Probably, cereals were received as taxes from peasants and stored in granary for the pay- ment of wages. How were the Harappan cities planned? C have been found m Kurnool drsti let in Andhra Pradesh about 55 km from Kurnool.

Some Vedic texts show reverence to the earth goddess, although she is not given any pro- ‘ minence. Several chalcolithic sites have been fpund in the Allahabad region presumably on account of their proximity to the Yindhyas, In eastern India, besides Chirand on the Ganga, mention may be made of Pandu Rajar Dhibi in Burdwan district and Mahishdal in Midnapore district in West Bengal.

Mention the important metals found in India. But we do not know whether the Harappanswere a matriarchal people like the Egyptians.

It tells us how, when and where people developed the earliest cultures in our countiy. Rich copper deposits are also found in the Khetri mines in Rajasthan.

Many of these hoards, containing not only Indian coins but also those minted abroad such as in the Roman empire, have been discovered m different parts of the country.

However, they caused heavy floods which periodically destroyed towns and villages in the northern plains, and so many ancient buildings have been washed away beyond recovery. He had no knowledge of cultivation and house building This phase gencially continued till B C.


Fire played a significant part in the life of the primitive peoples because of its use in burning forests, cooking, etc. The copper-hoard people were contempora- ries of prof.r.s.sharmx Harappans, and the ochre-coloured pottery area in which they lived was not far removed from that of the Harappans.

Anciwnt nature and components of metal arti- facts are analysed’ scientifically, and as a result the sources from where metals were obtained are 4 ANCIENT INDIA located and the stages in the development of metal technology are identified.

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The images ofmen are also found on some pottery fragments. The people of the Stone-Copper Age did not know the art of writing; nor did they live in cities as the people of the Bronze Age did. Moie remains of structures have been found in western Maharashtra, western Madhya Pradesh and south-eastern Rajasthan.

Since in the neolithic ancuent several settle- ments came to be acquainted with the culti- vation of cereals and the domestication of animals, they needed pots in which they could pfof.r.s.sharma their foodgrain and milk.

The striking feature of this textbook is its highly unbiased presentation of the ancient past and the social evils present in those days. Although the coastline is flanked by the Eastern Ghats or the steps, the Ghats are not very high and have several openings caused by theeastwaid flow of the rivers into the Bay of Bengal Thus communication between the east- ern coast on the one hand and the other parts of Andhra and Tamil Nadu on the othei was not difficult in ancient times. Neolithic celts have also been found in the Orissa hill areas, and it is likely that rice culti- vation and small-scale settlements began in pfof.r.s.sharma part of the country quite early, The period between B.

This made possible the use of bronze on a large scale, especially for the statues of the gods in south India.

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