of the Amatsu Tatara written as individual scrolls. Of interest to us are the Amatsu Ryoho (Medicine scrolls) the Amatsu Bumon (Martial scrolls) and the Amatsu. Unfortunately the Amatsu Tatara is still closely guarded by the several families that possess it, and little is known about the scrolls. However, long before the Kuki. Amatsu Tatara is the highest and oldest scroll of martial arts and Shinto spirit, dating back to BC. The Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation and Kokusai.

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Amatsu Tatara Bumon Shumon. As a warrior, one should constantly practice awareness, from the moment one awakes in the morning; one should keep a watchful eye on his own behaviour and manners, his conduct, never forgetting the meaning of humanism.

History of the Amatsu Tataru Sfrolls Shumon. Amatsu Tatara Shumon is passed on down to martial arts students of the various Amatsu Tatara Bumon Ryu Ancient martial arts traditions, specifically those connected to the Kukishin Ryu and is difficult for someone to understand if they do not train in the Amatsu Tatara Bumon.

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The emperor’s army fought and defeated them. Did you find a local map of Kobe city yet? Finally, one must turn all qmatsu above into reality, strive to accomplish it all, so as to truly be a servant of Bu-Fu. This Aryan, Prince Mimaoh was a reputed scholar on seamanship, astronomy, and philosophy. Having participated in many different martial arts over the years this definitely stands alone at the top of xmatsu list, the training structure and encouragement you receive at the Kinkan Dojo ensure this is a very rewarding way to spend your free time.

The Legitimacy of Takamatsuden. For more information in English language go to www. He was able to copy almost everything they had. It is taught directly heart to heart from a grandmaster to the next generation. srolls


Spiritual training of the Ninja

What say you garth? Looks quite similar to Kawakami’s demos. Pinetown Dojo Cape Town Dojo.

No, create an account now. Do not depend on any video, audio or manual for your safety.

If Takamatsu made those up out of thin air then he is a genius. The combination of Bumon and Shumon is like the left and right side of the body, positive and negative, male and female, intellect and spirit.

For this reason it has been kept very secret. It was decided to write a great volume including the true history of Japan, great incidents there tatxra, defensive and offensive tactics, systems of Martial Arts and weaponry, scrying techniques, governing procedures and systems, including both Tenmon and Chimon. The base camp was situated at the Mount Miwaand after the Malays were defeated that surrender conditions were contracted.

I cant see where this will go apart from the usualy uneducated comments that will come flooding in as per normal on this forum Scrlols you get soem of the documents in front of you that you mention and compare them then your not going to get answers. Paul I agree, I dont think those documents are ever going to present themselves, if in fact they exist at all, or have ever existed. Therefore the following is a compilation of various conversations between our grandmaster and his students.

Takamatsuden Legitamacy

It was brought to Japan by the King of Mima and integrated into the aboriginal Japanese society. HissatsuApr 16, Hatsumi started treating Denis Bartram and Chris Roworth one of the four menkyo kaiden – master teachers in Amatsu Tatara Hichibuku Goshin Jutsu for a recurring back problem. But unfortunately as time has gone on over the last 23 years of my study several things have come to light which I myself am highly skeptical about and I feel I have to raise them here.


Absolutely no taijutsu I’ve seen as of yet. Hiboko-no-Mikoto followed King Mima to Japan. This is why an elementary training in martial arts is vital to reach the full potential of Amatsu Ryoho. Furthermore the Hichi Buku Goshin Jutsu has within it the Sanshin principles and the Godai interactions, which have great similarities to the Vedic traditions from BC.

Those who follow these maxims may be termed true warriors. Your name or email address: Laurence Brown, 6th Kyu. However, the knowledge of the secret scrolls and books of the Amatsu Tatara are well known to special Japanese scholars, martial artists and spiritual experts. OK some if not most of these things have been raised before, but it makes sense to have them here as a weight of evidence, or non evidence depending how you look at it. Tatara means the highest secret teaching system of Martial Arts and original Shintoism spirit.

His mission is to bring this once exclusive and secret knowledge to his students so they too may enjoy the mental, physical and spiritual growth that results in a more fulfilling and happier life.

It was around the Meiji restauration period when Toda sensei our second to last grandmaster retired from palace duties to run his bone clinic and martial arts dojo. Use this information at your own risk. I also found this of interest, bold is used to emphasise points. In BC, during one rebellion, Kamatari was the decisive force that brought it to a halt. Log in or Sign up.

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