Altiverb 6 Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Manual. Chapter 6 is the reference part of the rb 7 7 2 About the documentation This user guide covers the functions and controls of Altiverb 7. audioease. Page 6. 6. Page 7. 2. About the documentation. This manual covers the functions and controls of Altiverb 5™ for Mac OS X. Version 2 is the last for MacOS 9.

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Google Earth Placemark You can doube click the the placemark icon in msnual top right to open up Google Earth and fly to the location of the venue. It may introduce phasing or flamming when used in conjunction with the direct sound.

Some only show when you click a section buttons: Altiverb makes your audio sound as if it was played back somewhere else, adding the acoustics of existing spaces to your own recordings or to your live audio.

Doubleclick it to view it in a separate window; pan around the venue by manua, the mouse in the movie window. Turn clockwise to simulate reflective surfaces that make low frequencies decay longer. Automation Altivverb are presets that are saved into the session. Room Size Makes the selected room impulse response smaller turn counter clockwiseor larger turn clockwise. Starting with the basic rule above, it follows that it also matters where the speakers are in the echo chamber.

Composers audio-enthusiasts daily sample libraries, netherlands? If, on this altivedb, you would insert a stereo input IR each channel would get its own speaker on stage. The Spinning Virtual Reality Movie The camera pans around to show you the altuverb where the sample was made. The slot is emptied. Some host altvierb may not support automated Automation preset recalls.

The Automation Preset slots are private to a single instance of Altiverb. Stereo audio is then picked up in the room by two microphones. Every time the sound in the echo chamber hits any material, the material bounces some of it back, absorbing some other part of the frequency content of the reverb.


Or use select other presets folder to switch to another preset folder. In that case we will ask you to de-authorize your old computer first, and then authorize your new computer. Home Articles hi im fairly new digital performer i it week but moment away bit live recording various places so havent actually sit down learn came does know if ther. Page 21 Move input audio around on stage. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to altivebr Embed Script.

The authorization process is designed such that you will be guided through it step by step. For all musical purposes the recommended setting is all the way down no center bleed.

Mac altiver Acrobat 9 Pro Adobe com final cut essential.

Audio Ease Altiverb 6

By lengthening the reverb time you are raising the level of the softest part of the reverb tail. The illustrations on the left show an impulse alticerb recording session, and a resulting configuration in Altiverb. All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Double click a room, such as Amsterdam Concertgebouw, to instantly select the Audio Ease preferred microphone configuration within that room. Empty first, and then save in it, or hold down Alt while clicking an occupied slot.

Check the documentation of the unit that you want to sample when you intend to do so. The upper row QWER corresponds to. Intended for post production usage to prevent dry dialogue in the center channel, or gaps in the reverb image in wide theater setups.

The chamber itself is not heard in the direct sound, only the coloration of speakers, a,tiverb bit of air, and the microphones.

If you always use Altiverb in an aux channel turn this on. The vertical axis pointing upward is the decibel axis. All Audio Ease impulse responses and Impulse responses you make with Audio Ease software already contain this information, but many third-party impulse responses may not. Turn down direct sound gain all the way if you use Altiverb as a traditional send aux effect, because in that situation you just need the actual reverb, which starts after the direct sound.


The dry signal controlled by the Mix control page 30 is never touched, which means that even when the input is mixed to mono before it hits the impulse response, the dry signal remains stereo.

Altiverb 6 Manual

Equalize Damping section More info on the selected IR. When the speakers are located on the highlighted spots in the picture, they are in their original sampled positions as described in the configuration picture in the monitor on the upper right.

Open a category of rooms to select a particular room on the left, and an actual IR, a microphone configuration within that room, in the right hand column. There is no quality advantage of running the reverb engine at 96 kHz when a 48 kHz Impulse Response is selected. Reverse Reverb Reverses the complete length of the reverb tail that is being convoluted. Consult the owner of the venue when you intend to do so. These are the damping controls.

Double click a room to make available its IRs in the right hand column. Click this and then drag in the diagram to rotate the waterfall around Click this and then drag in the diagram to move the waterfall around Click this and then drag up or down in the waterfall to zoom in or out on it Engage Auto Focus mode to automatically spin and zoom the waterfall to the view that is ideal for displaying the results of the parameter you are adjusting.

All selectable IRs have as many outputs as the track or aux Altiverb is inserted in. Rename – Renames the currently selected preset without changing its contents. When zoomed in to the first half second of the reverb, the Early Ref and Tail delays can be clearly seen.

What is Altiverb and how does it work?

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