“Don Francisco de Quevedo me dirigió una mirada que interpreté como era debido, pues fui detrás del capitán Alatriste. Avísame. Buy EL CABALLERO DEL JUBÓN AMARILLO (LAS AVENTURAS DEL CAPITÁN ALATRISTE 5) from Dymocks online BookStore. Find latest reader reviews and. This long awaited fifth installment of the famous adventures of Captain Alatriste tells of an aristocratic love affair between Alatriste and María de Castro, the most .

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This story takes us to the Madrid of Lope de Vega, of Caldersn de la Barca and of Tirso de Molina, to the filthy alleys, royal conspiracies, and all the intrigues that brew in the theaters of the XVII century.

He started his journalistic career alatriset for the now-defunct newspaper Pueblo. Risking their lives and friendships, they race to save their monarch, facing off against friends and old enemies alike. And I must say, I could not have been better informed.

I think this is my favorite book so far in this series–more and deeper aspects of Captain Alatriste’s character are revealed, and we experience the pangs and elations and disillusionments of his young protege Inigo on the path to adulthood as well as Inigo’s often wise, frequently ironic perspective as he narrates the story from the distance of old age. Although it took me awhile to get through The Sun Over Breda and I couldn’t imagine how the author could top The King’s Gold without getting overly dramatic or even silly, this book exceeded my expectations and is probably my favorite of the series, with the exception of the first book of course.

The narrator is very fond of relating how some other character would die, years after this story, and of cabaklero the greatness of Spain in the previous century.

El caballero del jubon amarillo / The Man in the Yellow Doublet (Captain Alatriste Series, Book 5)

Alatriste gets on the wrong side of the wrong people and finds himself in deep trouble, constantly watched and followed and at all times needing to defend himself. A man to be admired and looked up to. Book by book I am losing interest in the story.


Enemies are something else entirely. In this addition to the Captain Alatriste series there is a plot afoot to kill the King of Spain and then to frame Alatriste as the assassin. Even if the wastrel of a king doesn’t deserve Alatriste’s loyalty in the least.

As young Inigo Balboa, our narrator, says – it is as if earning his respect makes one respect oneself all the more. I was left laughing along with Alatriste, feeling as though I stood beside him on that muddy road watching the royal procession disappear into the morning fog.

This is a superb historical novel, perhaps the best in the series. I skipped some volumes in the series due to my fumbling of library requests, but reading the fifth book after the first was not really a problem – the plot is self-contained and various references to events in previous books are not really spoilerish.

Previous volumes in the series suffered from a strange distancing effect, partly the result of the narrative construction the events are related in hindsight by the now elderly former apprentice of Alatriste himself.

Characters lose their real image and realism goes on second plan. This is in some amqrillo the best written of the Alatriste books that I’ve read so far, but it’s not the most enjoyable. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He worked as a war reporter for twenty-one years – Vale comprarlo y leerlo.

Comparable to Dumas, this man is a pure reincarnation of the brilliant French author. After this book, he could leave definitely journalism for focusing on his career as a fiction writer.

El caballero del jubón amarillo by Arturo Pérez-Reverte

And it dawned on me the pure genius of Senor Perez’s storytelling. I was introduced to Perez-Reverte based on information that this man’s writing was inspired by Dumas. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This book is all full of it.


Discover the new adventures of Diego Alatriste and his young partner, Mqigo Balboa, in the long-awaited fifth installment of the famous adventures of Capitan Alatriste. Still, this series is highly addictive for me. But the real csballero of the book is on the literary and theater life of early 17th century Spain.

A man of honor and dignity no matter what life throws at him.

That being said this is still a fun adventure, and the continuing development of Inigo the narrator is very well done. His illustrations of life in the early ‘s in and about Madrid are of the highest quality and an amarlilo translator too!

Caballero del Jubon Amarillo, El – Las Aventuras del Capitan Alatriste

This is a time when the Spanish arm Philip IV, monarch of Spain in the early 17th century, is doing what he can to bring Spain to its knees. I don’t want to give spoilers, but the book portrays several very clear examples of just how much an honor code society cabllero trap people into attitudes and behaviors that they don’t really want to engage in, unintended hostilities, and behaviors that completely contradict any self-interested survival instinct.

Between Madrid and El Escorial we witness these new adventures, full of passion, vengeance dsl dangers, all through the eyes and narration of the always-faithful Mqigo Balboa. I also enjoyed many of the poetic touches added along the way, most of which are witty aphorisms and poems written by playwriter Francisco de Quevedo who is a character in the book. The story focuses primarily on Alatriste’s relationship with the beautiful actress Maria Castro, a real pearl of the theatre.

Refresh and try again. He put this experience into his book ‘Territorio Comanche’, focusing on the years of Bosnian massacres. A commendable piece of research.

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