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After developing the Mirage I came to the conclusion that using similar elementary principles it was possible to tie other patterns. The CDC Ant does not disappoint the expectations of the fisherman, having the body formed by two oval balls, is attacked by the fish in it they see, in addition to those of the ant, the features common to other insects such as bees, wasps and spiders.

Since then using only a single CDC feather I have created imitations of ants, spiders and importantly effective nymphs to imitate emerging mayflies. Text and pictures by Agostino Romcallo.

Agostino Roncallo – IMDb

Dressing 1 Fisso un hackle di CDC sulla curva di un amo grub. In the first phase of this research, he used classical flies, then began to use my CDC flies with excellent results.

A fly is effective, especially for fishing grayling, I have personally tested and with the help of friends in Italy and in several European rivers. To get the best experience of the Magazine it is important that you have the right settings Here are my recommended settings. In this case, in addition to the body, I also create the wing case of the nymph.

Now, using CDC dubbing, cover the front of the hook to create the thorax. Characteristically such flies can be tied using many different materials, but one material provides the best results: Agosttino per la versione italiana.


THE R NYMPH by AGOSTINO RONCALLO – TomSutcliffe – The Spirit of Fly Fishing

I called it Mirage because it is an imitation of ephemeral so slender and diaphanous even more than the fly itself. In the photo below, you can see an imitation of a spider can be obtained with little variation in the ant assembly.

Tie it is very simple, we need only to have the good sense of use a hackle with all the entire beards, otherwise we not succeed to get perfect tails and body. If you have any comments or questions about the Magazine, feel free to contact me. I thought that if had been able to give the image of an ephemeral to a feather, I perhaps would have gotten an imitation from the extraordinary characteristics.

It is rather delicate and if anything catch it, it will be ruined, but this drawback is acceptable considering that you tie new flies very quickly.

It was born from the consideration that nothing is more lighter than floating of a feather. Nelle foto, potete vedere l’imitazione di un ragno che si ottiene con poche variazioni al montaggio della formica.

Updated Swedish version. With this feather I created my Mirage, which Roncalol consider the best fly I have created to date. Imitation of ephemeral excellent in waters of middle slowness in presence of rises, also sporadic, it is very good for fishing the graylings and it is noted in many European rivers. Updated Swedish version. My Books Hunting Trout I have all but sold my last few copies of….

Agostino Roncallo’s Fly Fishing Pictures

To get the best experience of the Magazine it is important that you have the right settings Here are my recommended settings. Please respect the copyright regulations and do not copy any materials from this or any other of the pages in the Rackelhanen Flyfishing Magazine.


The CDC Ant, built on small hooks, allowed him to capture splendid examples of grayling in the Unec river and from that day became one of his favorite flies. Please excuse me if you find misspelled words or any other grammatical errors. I will be grateful if you contact me about the errors you find. This is the fly from the simple and rational assemblage that very well represent my actual way to interpret the construction of the artificial flies.

One of his great admirer is the friend Vincenzo Penteriani, biologist and contributor to the major Agistino fly fishing magazines. Wrap the hackle around the shank in tight turns, being careful not to entangle the barbs in the coils, the fixed and cut its surplus. I think that the best CdC is that of the wild ducks particularly that of the Mallard for which, except exceptions owed to particular imitative demands, for tie the Mirage, I use that type of CdC. In this piece, I show that an imitation of the emerging nymph can be made, like the Mirage dry roncaolo, by converging CDC hackles at a point on the hook to simply create the body and wings of the imitation.

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