Buy SOLID STATE 3N online at Newark element 3N – Dual MOSFET , Dual N Channel, 50 mA, 25 VDC Technical Datasheet: 3N Datasheet. 3N 3N 3N TO ource. 4 Substrate. Case. DUAL-GATE MOSFET NJ Semi-Conductors entourages customers to verify that datasheets are. 3N Datasheet, 3N PDF, 3N Data sheet, 3N manual, 3N pdf, 3N, datenblatt, Electronics 3N, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, .

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Jan Wed 09, 6: E-bay has several choices. Jan Sat 12, 7: Some broker picked up the home page and that’s all.

Isn’t the 2N an equivalent? I was with Siliconix in the 80s and 90s. There is an opportunity for adtasheet to come up with a small daughter board with a still available SM Dual gate fet that inserts nicely into the old fashion 4 lead type pcb footprint.

He apparently let the domain registration expire. I wondered how this could be and came up with the following conclusion.

(PDF) 3N201 Datasheet download

If I find one or two for a reasonable price I’ll let you know. Got a in my junkbox, but I’m keeping it to repair a HW-7 I have. Try Dans Small Parts Dead domain. Jan Tue 08, 1: About two years ago I spent a lot of time trying to find a vender and part number for a dual gate MOSFET in current production- preferably leaded for a day job design requirement.


Remember, as supplies dwindle, opportunist sellers raise prices.


He is not going out of business, this is just his close out page. Try Dans Small Parts ” www.

Jul Fri 04, Jan Tue 08, Jan Tue 08, 2: Jan Wed 09, Jun Sun 29, 4: Is there a direct replacement for the out there somewhere? He’s been selling out stock on eBay Like, you don’t need the lowest noise for the mixer, I don’t think, but still get the datashfet improvements over a bipolar mixer.

I came up basically empty-handed.

That and the were used to supposedly upgrade the front end performance gain? Jan Wed 09, 4: Getting harder to find, cheap. RCA dual mosfet. The daughter board most likely would need some additional SM passive components to limit the UHF response of the SM fet in order to tame the UHF spurious osc that can datashedt expected to be induced by the inductance of the leads.


[1szt] Tranzystor Dual Gate MOSFET-N 3N TO MOTOROLA TVSAT-SHOP

Something about that number rings a bell. Mouser and Avnet have these.

Books Support This Site: Actually non SMD components are not a bad thing to datasheeet away overall. Click on the link at the top of the page.

3N201 Datasheet

You might find some Japanese parts Users browsing this forum: There’s a vatasheet on eBay which are waaaaaay too expensive. Dec Mon 31, 3: Page 1 of 1. And if you can get a handful of useful parts now for cheap, they don’t take up too much room and saves grief later. Previous topic Next topic. A dual-gate FET has 4 connections, therefore is a “3N” number.

Jan Thu 10, 2:

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