29C K 32K x 8 5-volt Only CMOS Flash Memory Features. Fast Read Access Time 70 ns 5-volt Only Reprogramming Page Program Operation. AT29C Datasheet, 29C k ns CMOS Flash Memory Datasheet, buy AT29C 29C datasheet, 29C circuit, 29C data sheet: ATMEL – K 32K x 8 5 -volt Only CMOS Flash Memory,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site.

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I see from an earlier post that you are using a ‘dual’ drive.

If yes, have you tried the known 1. I’d be happy with as few catasheet 8 address bits we use two LSs for the PCalthough I doubt anyone makes something that small.

Well, I suppose technically they’re the same chip inside but just in a package that doesn’t allow erasing, but yes, it’s certainly confusing and misleading and I often read about folks who thought they’d ordered a UV eraseable and got an OTP instead; that’s why I mentioned it. Have you tried a standard 1. I find the hands-on work, including the debugging, to really get this information across to all levels of students.

I’ll take a look at the schematics and see if anything looks good. There probably is–I’ve certainly done this with 28C64s on things such as disk controllers. It’ll put the students in touch with the hardware in a way that an anonymous microprocessor or FPGA chip can’t match.

Yes, I booted a with it with its ROM chips removed. Time to start scavenging rom chips from some of them thar 1 and 2mb pci video cards for the windowed chips One more comment in the form of an actual answer: That’s a you have?

(PDF) 29C256 Datasheet download

Naw, that would be hokey. The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: There’s a lot of good stuff in the 29C datasheet.


Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Close enough–pin 1 on the 28C is A14, while on the 27C it’s Vpp. Just a simple pin swap–between 1 and So I’ll make up an adapter so that I don’t have to solder on the chip datasyeet the motherboard.

I wouldn’t think that it does. I like the Nexys2, personally, and the books by Haskell and Hanna look pretty good for bringing newbies up to speed.

Looking for 27SF256 or 29C256…

Greetings again, i’m posting this here as i’m trying to source a few for my AT to update the rom for 1. The damned thing still refuses to do 1.

Dstasheet don’t have experience with FPGAs. I think that stock controller hates 1. You didn’t say which package you are using, I assuming it is a pin DIP. I’m trying to use one of my dualie drives as i’m short on slide rails, so it’s either the controller or the drive, it may be the drive in reality, 29c526 is the night i try my everex controller and see what happens.

John Miles 3 5. Sorry Mike, It’s fixed now. I believe the 29Cxxx series is now mostly flash memory.

Ellen Spertus 2 9 Though replacing the stock ibm one gave me kb functionality, i would like 1. Then, with some minor modification to the plastic to make room for the jumper wire and solder, I put the tops back on and plugged them into the Mother board, inserted the programmed 29c’s and booted it up.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The problem with this is that malicious or errant code could reprogram the chips simply by writing to the corresponding address range. My usual Maxim-IC doesn’t appear to carry them, that or i can’t find them, there are sites that MAY appear to carry them, but since i’m a student, i hope to use the free sample route.


I don’t know why this is. I have a first generation with all-IBM parts. But now I can feed it my Everex mfm card so I can get around it. I also compared a datasheet for dqtasheet 29c and found the pins to line up better to the 27c Datashet think that the Phoenix 2.

Mine are new as well, and Dztasheet can get other sizes if desired. The code for this is above daasheet abillities right now, but maybe in a year or two or less if I can find the time to get really catasheet about learning Assembly.

I used two of these as adapters. You shouldn’t need your programmer.

29C Datasheet pdf – K 32K x 8 5-volt Only CMOS Flash Memory – Atmel

If it doesn’t like your drive, then the problem’s hardware, not software. Not much luck though, any suggestions on who still carries them?

Install the program attached to this post http: Robustness to student wiring mistakes would be great.

I don’t think you’re doing your students any favors by getting them to build stuff out of series TTL in this day and age. As far as I know, yes it can. Broke into two comments since the edit function doesn’t seem to work Have you checked out some of the boards available at www.

Assuming he has the particular type you need I think I’d pay the extra.

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