by Anders Breivik Politisporet by Torstein Viddal Die Tage danach by Erika Books about Anders Behring Breivik and the Norway terror attacks 7/22/ A 1,page “manifesto” recently published online, entitled A Geofarm is a farm which has been linked to Anders Behring Breivik. By Andrew Berwick (Anders Behring Breivik), London – compendium, – “ – A European Declaration of Independence” – documents.

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A lengthy section of outlines the crimes which Breivik has levelled against the “cultural Marxists”:. Breivik viewed feminism as the height of political correctness and stated that “the feminisation of European culture is nearly completed. Breivik skisserer skjemaer for og egenskapene til et hjemmelaget sett av ballistisk rustning. Another symptom of NPD that Breivik has in spades is a preoccupation or fixation on ideas of success, control and power. They were exacting and precise.

Anders Behring Breivik – Wikipedia

I am full of admiration for the sterling work you have devoted to the confounded Breivik and his manifesto. Behribg added that [in his usage] ” mental vulnerability is a very, very weak expression “.

Politikeren Geert Wilders gir stemme til bekymringer om innvandrere:. Javier Onagoitia rated it really liked it Nov 03, Though in his manifesto he gives a reason for why he did not shoot Muslims, the fact that he shot young people, teens, having fun at a summer camp, speaks to motives in addition to Islamophobia.


Al-taqiyya er islamsk bedrag. He felt those pictures would help his image. Women can still influence via the home and how they raise their children. But even so, we outnumber them. She and her husband spent 40 USD on two IVF treatments in vitriol fertilisation a process by which egg cells are fertilised by sperm outside the womb. He left the Progress Party in and went on to join a gun club and the Freemasons while also founding a company which he used to finance his planned terrorist attacks.

Ett slikt tilfelle i Indonesia i etterlot Han beskriver den interne driften og sikkerhetsprosedyrer av ulike typer kjernekraftverk og plasseringer av hvilke typer anlegg i Europa. I know, I know, this is simplistic armchair psychology at its worst.

2083 – A European Declaration of Independence

Informantene beskriver ulike islamske dogmer: I genuinely feel as if he was trying to kill a generation that had far more happiness than he thinks he got to experience as a child. So you need to andets your absolute best and ensure that you produce quality marketing material prior to operation. Not just as a single-cell in a larger, unorganized Knights Templar structure, but utterly alone.

We will not force anyone. But there is more to it than that, I think.

It is easy to blame modern society for the sociopaths and psychopaths, but, then, there have always been the village idiots, the crazy wise men, the shamans and the transgendered: Oversikt over diverse taktisk utstyr.

Politiet blokkerte gatene sammen med antifa. Iversen was asked why Breivik was transferred to Skien rather than to Breicik Prison ; Iversen answered that he became a case-worker inand he was not involved in the transfer. Breivik has frequently praised the writings of blogger Fjordman. He understands that they exist and that others look at the Eurabia conspiracy and dismiss it along with other conspiracies.


Again, thanks for commenting.

A second interview was agreed to by Breivik, and the prison requested a background check to be done by the police in the country where the journalist is from. Vestlige land vil bli muslimske land.

Retrieved 9 October Dette er nettopp den situasjonen vi hadde i Europa i middelalderen [ It describes burying a crate with the armour in the woods in Julycollecting it on 4 Julyand abandoning his plan beeivik replace it with bfeivik gear because he did not have a second pistol.

Denne artikkelen beskriver hvordan det ottomanske og tyrkiske imperiet massakrerte 1,5 millioner armenske, 1,4 millioner greske og minst 0,5 millioner assyriske kristne.

Anders Behring Breivik’s Complete Manifesto “2083 – A European Declaration of Independence”

Utarbeide og iverksette plan B etter frifinnelsen. It was ment to be here but the order was mucked-up of unknown reason. Why does the immense oil wealth of Muslim nations nourish a flood of hatred that poisons the heart of humanity against such an insignificant nation?

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